Thursday , August 5 2021

Care Prices: 37 bookshops were included

The Ministry of Commerce has included 37 bookstores in the price care program, reducing the cost of starting the school year, including pencils, pencils, markers and wipers from leading brands such as BIC and Pelikan.

In this regard, the government announced that Diarco and Vital wholesale chain join the program with Macro, Maxiconsumo, Nini and Yaguar, which was added in September, and there are 212 products available in the gondolas.

INDEC each month relieves the price of a basic food basket, consisting of 30 basic products (including bread, biscuits, rice, flour, meat, milk). Products that are equivalent to this basket at delivered prices are on average purchased for 25% and on some products up to 47%.

On the other hand, the agency approved a price update of 45 products from the current list, on average by 3.74%, although it warned that "in all cases, prices are kept below the average for each item". .

"These new opportunities reinforce the choice of options for a program that ensures its presence in the gondola at prices lower than the market average," the secretariat said.

For the time being, the national consumer protection director, Fernando Blanco Muiño, explained that, given the "seasonal time for the consumer, it was decided that libraries should be included at a lower price than the one available on the market." He added: "We want to work with families at the beginning of classes and we have seen that this is possible with the availability of supplies with a degree of care". (Field of use)

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