Candida auris: Deadly fungus spreading around the world – – Diario de Mendoza, Argentina


Hospitals around the world are paying attention to the emergence of newly discovered fungi causes the death of 50% of its carriers.

This is "Candida auris", of which there have been several outbreaks in different parts of the world, although its origin is not known. Fats are mostly attacking people with a weakened immune system and are not responding to state-of-the-art anti-fungal drugs.

Symptoms include fever, pain and fatigue. When a person gets infected, especially if they already have a weak immune system, these common symptoms may be fatal.

Public health experts point out that massive use of antibiotics reduces its effectiveness and partly explains how difficult it is to fight this bacterium.

The increasing use of herbicides and fungicides in agriculture is also likely to increase their drug resistance.

The first registered case was in 2009 in Japan. Several years later he appeared in countries such as India, South Africa, the United States, Spain, and even Colombia and Venezuela.

There is no case in Argentina yet, but the patient was registered very close to the state: in Chile.

A report by experts from the El Salvador Hospital in Santiago, published on the website of the Chilean Society for Infectious Diseases, is a document in which they report the first documented detection of this fungus in a patient who visited last year.

This call, which is rapidly expanding and can survive in the environment, is therefore not difficult to find in tables, utensils and various surfaces.

In addition, it becomes resistant. According to United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Almost 50% of people who get infected die three months ago.


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