Buenos Aires revolutionized the arrival of Paul McCartney


Although there were hikes, courts and demonstrations throughout the day, one of the cities in the city of Buenos Aires, which suffered the most traffic congestion, was Palermo, near the city The Argentine pole field, where restrictions Paul McCartney appears They started last Friday night and lasted all Saturdays until the end of the show.

Everytime there's a show, which has been selected for presentations in recent years, the area collapses. There were also complaints and complaints from the residents of the neighborhood who were complaining about traffic accidents and cars parked everywhere.

Also for Noise and vibration which produce sound columns.

For the recital. T ex Beatle is partially cut partial streets and avenues in the area, which began on Friday and extended until the last night. COlaps were common: the vehicles were standing in a double row, on the sidewalks and even in the ropes.

But, for lovers of Paul McCartney is worth the effort. The fact is that the show was sold long before its presentation last night. Thus, Paul renewed his romance with the local audience; from which many people from Mendoza collaborated with the travel plan.

The show was eAs part of the tour "Freshen Up Tour", with which he presents his latest work "Station Egypt"and was accompanied by musicians Rusty Anderson, Brian Ray, Paul Wickens and Abe Laboriel Jr.

The former Beatle performed at 21, but those who arrived early can enjoy the performances of their opening acts: Argentine singer Victoria Bernardi (at 19) and US DJ Chris Holmes (at 20).

Who is this girl?

As it happened with other Argentine musicians in three previous occasions, in which Paul McCartney played in Argentina (Nito Mestre, Kuelgue, Las Rositas and Andrés Ciro Martínez), This time, the singer was selected as a singer Victoria Bernardi, who at 20 years had the luxury of stepping into the same level as the former Beatle.

Victoria's career began in 2015, when she reached the final of the real show "Elegidos" (Telefe). Then I was still in high school, but I already said: "My dream is to live by music. My goal is to be a recognized singer". Since then, he has progressed on the music scene step by step: adding presence at festivals, such as Lollapalooza and Cosquín Rock and in 2018 He presented his first album, "I Just Know".

Tray cap

Immediately after Bernardi's performance, Chris Holmes, an American DJ, who has been accompanying McCartney on his tours for ten years, climbed up. and is responsible for heating. Holmes, who is also a DJ and producer and composer, is also part of the band tours of Radiohead and Daft Punk.

In exhibitions McCartney, is a remix of the most acclaimed successes of a British musician. And that was yesterday in the show, which is in the presence Paul is back in Argentina.


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