Buenoosairean peronism was shown in the new unit


Leaders Verónica Magario, Máximo Kirchner, Martín Insaurralde, Axel Kicillof, Fernando Espinoza, Daniel Scioli in Felipe Solá cooperated with the local mayor, Jorge Ferraresi, from the beginning of the activity to the activity of the new municipal swimming pool. heated Olympic pool of the high sports center.

The meeting was held on the day after the decree 259/2019 signed by the president Mauricio Macri, published in the Official Journal, which. t prohibits the lists of collectors.

The bodies of the Justinist Party (PJ) Buenos Aires and Front Renovador they have already announced that they will go to justice and demand that they decide without effect, after considering that the government's decision that was repeated in the province was "a sign of political impotence of Cambiemos".

A statement by the National Justice Council considered the government to have "the fear that we will have to submit to the will of the people" with lists of collectors which allow a candidate for a position such as the President to appear in more than one vote.

In a dialogue with Telam, a national advisor to the PJ, Jorge Landau, this took into account this "Although the government is entitled to do so, it is embarrassing because it is issued when it remains less than 30 days to limit the formation of alliances.".

"Obviously, there is a clear interest of the government to pose difficulties for the opposition in the process of merger, the abuse of a dominant position", he added.

Buenos Aires PJ, run by the Mayor of Esteban Echeverría Fernando GrayThat's what he said "No electoral reform can be carried out during the year of elections and less with the decree".

Earlier, the former Minister of the Economy, Axel Kicillof, confirmed on this "The craziness we will not allow will be judged to defend the right of citizens to freely choose the fate of our province.".

In an interview for CNN, he also emphasized this "In the change, we are all trying to get out of Macri on the ballot papers because their failure is perfect and can no longer be blamed and blamed".

Speaking with the "Let's Say Anything" program, he said that "The best team of the past 50 years went to B. They do not work and they are already playing with substitutes".


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