Brutal murder in Banfield: accuse the alleged lover of the victim being a delivery girl


The death he suffered Gustavo Garcia Ibañez, 36 years old, the neighboring Belelli Street in Banfield, which was registered in the category of pizzerias AFIP, was particularly cruel. In his house he suffocated with bags on his head by police sources Infobae, for later try to corrupt the body and you can get rid of it. But advanced body degradation would prevent the killers from making a cut. So, With the explosion of a failed jar, it was tried to burn, the body and house Banfield.

They did not succeed. After the failure they escaped on a motorcycle owned by the victim.

Yesterday afternoon, the staff of the first commissioner Ezeize in Buenos Aires was arrested by two suspected criminals, accused of killing and concealing. So Aldana Díaz, who would have occasional relationships with García Ibañez with respect to people who knew the victim and Enzo Fabián DomínguezAldanina is a former partner alone.

For investigators of the case, Aldana was in charge of setting up a pit for the pizza manufacturer, to deliver to steal money from selling a car. In the house they found Diaz's documents, Nylon bags with blood stains clothed with blood, two blades.

Thus Dominguez was arrested, who was arrested in Ciudad Evita. Aldana would be with him until December 31 at night, then escapes to the Atlantic coast. Dominguez's age is no less important: She's only 19 years old.

You would not do it yourself. They were in the city of Evita arrested two other alleged accomplices, two brothers, named Areco, 20 and 22 years.

Aldana was found in Las Toninas. His document showed that he was only 18 years old. The prosecutor, Carlos Hassan, is responsible for the investigation.


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