Bottle: everything is ready for Campuzano and awaits the answer Marcone – 01/10/2019


Bottle crosses the marketing points into the heart of the team. With abundance in attack and testing DT to have a clear diagnosis in the last line, it is the subject of rescue in the middle of the field. What has recently been covered by the right, but who can suffer vulnerable victims in the short term. That is why the club will add to the Colombian Jorman Campuzan for the next few hours, which will be replaced by Atlético Nacional de Medellín in exchange for $ 4.5 million in his clause on cancellation and for which Gustavo Alfaro is replaced by Wilmar Barrios (yesterday Boca refused a proposal of 15 million euros pure from Lille in France to consider it insufficient) or Nahitan Nandez, two of the players who offered Brandsen 805 offices.

The 22-year-old Campuzano was offered to the club six months ago when Barrie's days were counted after the World Cup. In the end, the central midwife decided to stay, but he decided in Boca to follow his compatriot closely. The operation came true (even his surname was proposed by Barrios representative) and therefore Alfaro would have a player on the team, who already debuted with the national team in September and has an international projection. He will sign for 4 years.

But half of the Boca Court is a big sign of the issues. While Cagliari still does not provide guarantees to realize that Boca's intentions for Nandez ($ 21 million purely for the payment of the clause on termination), DT is not Uruguay for what is coming. Alfaro actually revealed his disagreement with Superliga, which set the TMS closure in line with the European market. Then they can start the players with the tournament again from the old continent. Then the club moves to add more players.

Last night, La Bocca sent a new proposal from Iván Marcone, who trained at Cruz Azul, but warned among his warnings that he intends to be transferred. In fact, he suggested this to Gerard Martin, the completely new coach of the Mexican national team, who visited him at the complex in the federal district. The proposal was better than 6 million dollars in order to maintain the entire documentation, although it could be stretched in the negotiations if Boca would gain 80 percent in exchange for this money. There is a lot of predisposition from the soccer player: he even decided to withdraw from the commission that would suit him for the ticket and will also receive a lower salary if his arrival in Boca is confirmed.

The coach was talking about this center. "I think Barrios and Marcone are compatible, because I know him from Arsenal and I know that this is a mixture between Campuzan and Barrios. From what I analyzed when I saw him, Campuzano is more technical. The sides need more arrivals Marcone on the other hand, he held the midfielder with a big first pass, but maybe he does not have Campuzan's arrival, "said the coach when he talked about how he could come when he had to draw eleven.

With Campuzan (to be officially presented on Mondays in Cardale with Junior Alons), the club added the seventh party and may not write it in AFA until it moves any of the six that it already has on the campus, and this is allowed. Then the future of Barrios and Nandez begins to be tackled. And Pablo Pérez? The last captain is still unclear about his continuity at the club. From Brazil (Santos has not yet sent an official offer) they asked him. Also from MLS. But in Boča they expect to receive at least a million dollars for your transitional prize. If Marcone made an agreement before the start of next week, Perez could accelerate his departure this weekend.

Other steps

Daniel Angelici and Marcos Diaz, one of the chances Boka succeeds in reaching the goal, met. The club has extended the contract with Agustin Rossi for three more years to lend it for 12 or 18 months. "Marcos Díaz is an extraordinary goalkeeper, whether he comes to Boca or not, and if he comes, there will be a competition like everyone else. I always say: the shield is ahead of us, the name is behind," the coach warned.

In the central part, José Luis Palomino was able to dilute because Atalanta quoted him at $ 10 million and returned to see Víctor Cuesto, which Inter of Porto Alegre declared non-transferable. Will it progress?


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