Bonadeo killed Marley because of his anger with Telefei


Buenos Aires "I wake up at eight in the morning to get ready for work, I'm letting a son crying because I'm leaving, coming to work and doing" blackmail. "Genius I came to the fart Lpmqlp." With this tweet, Marley surprised me on Wednesday network users when he was angry at Telefa because he could not record his program.

Many echoed a theme that gained a huge dimension in networks and portals. Yesterday, Gonzalo Bonadeo heard Marley with a very ironic tweet, who had commented on his very malicious followers against Father Mirko. Marley got angry at Telefe and posted it on Twitter. Of course, the logical thing would be to warn if a simulation would occur. With what ceased to be a simulacrum, "a sports journalist mocked. "He had to get up 8 hours !!! .. crazy madness … poor Marley, how many victims there is no respect … lcdsm", "Live in a box of shoes", some comments were users


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