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Judge Alejo Ramos Padilla is waiting for Carlos Stornelli on Tuesday at 12.00 in his courtyard Dolores. It all seems that the prosecutor will agree, even if he refuses to testify. If he was absent from the third call, there are several constitutions that claim that Ramos Padilla has the opportunity to send him a patrol to search for him, although he will not be able to dictate preventive detention later on. The judge evaluates this possibility, but will most likely, if he does not go, declare in absentia and ask the prosecutor to prosecute. In the last week, things for Prosecutor Stornelli went wrong. All indications are that Tuesday will have to face accusations. Prior to this, Ramos Padilla will go on a march for the 43rd anniversary of the military coup in 1976. As he recalled, he always worked.

Wind against

Last Thursday he had to recognize the authority of Ramos Padilla. When he requested an extension of the declaration. Until this moment, the strategy of his lawyer Robert Ribas and the public prosecutor ignored the judge. But this has changed, and the logic is that we go to Dolores on Tuesday.

The change in tactics is connected with the fact that last week against the prosecutor against the wind:

Stornelli stayed in Comodoro Py. No statement of support. Suddenly they told her that she had to appear at Dolores. At the same time, there were many rumors that the prosecutor would be removed from the cause of photocopies of notebooks. If it were a clean file, the transfer would not have a problem: one prosecutor would come, another enter. However, the documentation is affected by serious irregularities that, according to the defenders, would be done by Stornelli itself, which includes the lack of recording of the statements of the repentant. Proponents have a hypothesis that there is no recording because they were coercion and extortion. Certain irregularities are evident in the accusations against the prosecutor in the Dolores case.


As you know, the Dolores file is associated with the existence of an illegal intelligence device that has been used to blackmail, coerce, misrepresentation in legal matters and the execution of spyware operations. Many of the crimes are committed by a fake lawyer and fake investigator Marcelo D & # 39; Alessio.

Ramos Padilla always keeps an impression on every respondent. However, the view of the cause shows that Stornelli will have to answer for the following facts:

  • Participation in extortion of businessman Pedro Etchebest. There is a message from D & # 39; Alessia to tell Stornelli that I "take care of Pedra". This added a three-hour prosecutor's meeting with a fake lawyer in Pinamar when Stornelli was on holiday. At the end of this meeting, D & # 39; Alessio claimed $ 300,000 to improve the allegedly bad Etchebest position of photocopies of notebooks.
  • Participation in blackmailing Pablo Barreiro, the former secretary of Kirchners. D 'Alessio asked for money to settle with Stornelli, but the real thing is that Barreiro told the prosecutor and told him that D & # 39; Alessio was asking for money. Stornelli said he did not know D & # 39; Alessia and did not include a statement in the case. He also did not send for extortion.
  • Request to Conduct a Concealed Camera to Lawyer José Manuel Ubeiri. The reputed Leonardo Fariña visited Ubeiro and pretended to accept the defendants in the case of money laundering, whose main defendant is Lázaro Báez, and also in the file of photocopies of notebooks. Stornelli apparently wanted to unlawfully record Ubeiro and agreed with Fariña to testify against a lawyer.
  • It all points to the fact that two similar tricks were tried with Javier Landabur, advocate Eduard Eurnekian, and other defendants in connection with photocopies, and against Maximilian Rusconi, attorney Julio De Vida. His name appears in D & # 39; Alessi's Notebook, in his hand.
  • Stornelli will be investigated for the coercion of former Executive Director of the Argentine People's Army, Gonzalo Brus Dovat. Bruce Dovat was firmly pressed to be imprisoned in a criminal economic case, but due to coercion the former executive agreed to testify before Stornelli. This statement was accepted with all the help by D & # 39; Alessio, who remained inadequate in the prosecution. A fake lawyer received a copy of the statement – another irregularity – and distributed it among friendly journalists.
  • Sam D & # 39; Alessio told Stornellia about the purchase of liquefied natural gas. He did this when the file collapsed because David Cohen's expertise was trout. D & # 39; Alessio has already begun with an untruth: on oath he said he was a lawyer.
  • The rumors are heavily positioned so that Stornelli also used D & # 39; Alessio for the cause of photocopies of notebooks. Apparently, a fake lawyer and a fake investigator testified as a story of reserved identity. This is a fact that can never be confirmed.
  • There are text messages from Stornellia to D & # 39; Alessia, asking him to find out about "Perugia", Jorge Cristiana Castañón. He is a pilot of the American Airlines subsidiary. More specifically, the prosecutor asks a person – a false lawyer and a fake investigator – who is not capable of illegally investigating a citizen. What is even worse, there are suspicions that this task has been linked to a personal matter, or to court documents.

As you can see, Stornelli will have a lot to answer and clarify. It appears to be in many cases in combination with D & # 39; Alessio.


The Dolores file still contains a number of enigmas on which Ramos Padilla works.

Enigma is the role of government. It is clear that a man from the Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI), Rolo Barreiro, has intervened. This is the one that connects D & # 39; Alessio with tax Bidon. A fake lawyer also appears in connection with Ricardo Bogoljuk, who AFI admits to him working for this agency, although he confirms that it will be only until December 2017. Minister Patricia Bullrich has in two cases had connections with D & # 39; Alessio. On the one hand, Ibar Pérez Corradi, a Farce of Delivery. It is said that a fake lawyer participated in the mounted exhibition. Secondly, Bullrich appears in images with D'Alessi in the second part, such as Marcelo Mallo, linked by the minister to the double murder of Unicenter. In this second play, D & # 39; Alessio combined the Malla delivery, which was supposed to contribute one of the weapons for the offense. It was all wrong.

In mobile phones and computers, D & # 39; Alessia is an ubiquitous protagonist, Mario Montoto, an intimate ally of Bullrich and a key player in the purchase of technology and weapons from Israel. It seems that Montoto deals with a lot of things done by D & # 39; Alessio.

Another enigma is the one advocated by the prosecutor. It all points to the fact that the Mercedes prosecutor Juan Bidone is on his way to the court in a case led by Judge Luis Rodríguez in Comodoro Py. He asked for the postponement of his investigation last Friday, but he will definitely go in the week starting Monday. In Dolores will also be investigating, sooner or later, and prosecution. Bidone's D & # 39; Alessiou sent immigration reports, telephone cross-links and other information that a fake lawyer later forced and coerced. The method resembles that used by the Maurice Macrie apparatus at the time with the spy Ciro James: the false causes of the hand and over two judges of the missions, were asked for eavesdropping and the reports that were used to carry out the illegal spy service.

The third puzzle to discover the connection with the United States. The subject needs to be deepened. There is an official statement from the embassy of this country that D & # 39; Alessio has no connection with any US agency. At first glance, it seems that the US report also seems to be wrong. However, the judge has the impression that there is a relationship.

The fourth enigma is bundles. The judge will have to clarify the goal of several folders found in D & # 39; Alessio's house. For example, one of them is the one who talks about the Jaitt operation. This gives the impression that it is an abusive file aimed at forcing a person involved in the cause of sexual abuse of a worse player Independent. There is also a documentation of the journalists of Animales Sueltos, who seems to be more like a report to someone connected with the intelligence services. There are also elements of María Eugenia Vidal, but it is an exaggeration to say that it is an investigation of the governor or of the follow-up. The judge must specify the purpose of collecting this information.

Fifth enigma, wealth. The economic power of D & # 39; Alessia is still a mystery. In principle, it seems that the money originates from the bond in Formosa, but it is not clear. There is a cause for money laundering in Lomas de Zamora, and AFIP provided a confidential report.

As you can see, there is much to be discovered in the plot of illegal espionage, extortion and coercion. And the feeling in the courts is that there will be more complaints in the coming days. For now, the next step will be on Tuesday, when Stornelli arrives at Dolores. The prosecutor has a lot to explain. It will also be necessary to see if there will be a continuation of the position that he will not put his mobile phone at the disposal of the judge.

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