Beto Alonso's Resistant Desert to President Mauricio Macri – 12/14/2013


The Copa Libertadores finals between the river and Boca continue to offer blows. In addition to the protagonists, former players on both sides dictate strikes and talk about how they are facing the future. In this scenario and with the euphoria of those who stand on the winning side, Beto Alonso, one of the greatest idols in the history of the river, also said his own and even chicaneó President Mauricio Macri.

"I would tell Maurice to go and touch the Gallardine ass to find out whether the Argentinians pulled out of this quilombo", shot Beto in No Todo Pasa (TyC Sports) in response to the president, who in the first round addressed the coach of the "culón" for his alleged wealth in recent intersections against Boca.

The Macri word, when passed and from any protocol, destroyed the environment and caused the entire Mundo River to be rejected.

This happened when the president visited the pharmaceutical laboratory, where he was convinced in an informal conversation with workers before the Copa Libertadores final match, although with some fears about the influence of Marcela Gallardo.

"How do we do on Saturday?" The president asked, with his eyes in the first part of the finals. Several employees told him that they were fans of Boca. And there Macri got an internal fan: "This time we have to give this culón de Gallardo …".

The first one to respond was Rodolfo D & # 39; Onofrio, who warned leaders were obliged not to join chicanas or jokes of this style. Following the consultation, he also commented on the topic Marcelo Gallardo. "I think it's not fair to express an opinion on this. He is the President of the Nation and deserves my respect as President of all Argentines", said Doll with height, which seemed the final point of this situation. Until he broke Beto Alonso.

It is not the first time that the phrase Macri in football receives a heavy response with the protagonist. At the Superclassico, the president also warned that someone would lose, "he would need twenty years to recover." Attacker Payence José Vizcarra redirected him to Twitter: "Compared with the 200 countries that the state will take to recover from your government, this is nothing."

And the players of the river also remembered Macri after the historic victory in Madrid: in the privacy of the cabinets they took care of the president and head of Boca Daniel Angelici.


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