Benjamín Vicuña and a video with Magnolia, which made the first steps


Benjamín Vicuña shared a video on his Instagram account, where you can watch a little Magnolia that made its first steps.

"Together, step by step", wrote the player in his place Argentina, a land of love and revenge, with a video shot by the British musician Ed Sheeran, "Photograph".

The pictures show how hardly a one-year-old child walked hand in hand with his father, and in the end he hopes to do a few steps until he finally falls to his knees.

It seems that China and Vicun are enthusiastic about the fact that their daughter learns to walk. A few days ago, the actress shared a photograph in which she stated that Magnolia still can not walk alone and that it is therefore necessary to stick to everything that is available.

We're dying of tenderness!


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