Beatles and football: links in their works and why Lennon became the fan of Racing


Although this can be confirmed The Beatles were not fans of football, even though they were from a city that is closely watched as Liverpool, which was repeatedly addressed in songs, as in film scenes or the covers of their records.

Many believe that if the Beatles did not talk much about football at the time when the English team won its only World Cup (1966) and in its own country, this was because Head the Brian Epstein group (who died in August 1967) suggested that they do not do this in order to avoid having to define themselves by either group.

Randolph Peter Best, better known as "Pete" Best, a drummer when the band first called "The Silver Beatles", was a fan Everton FC, one of the two teams in the city, and admitted that in the days of Hamburg (where they lived between 1960 and 1962), they played football and that John Lennon was the best: "We were not specially trained, although John was undoubtedly the best with a ball on his feet." One day he admitted he always dreamed of playing for Liverpool, while I preferred to pick Goodison Park (home of the Everton Stadium). "

Most of those who knew them well agree that Lennon is the one who showed the most skill with the ball, although, according to historian, one of the best music groups in the history of Ray O'Brien, John was an absolute misunderstanding of the sport, although his father was a fan of Liverpool FC and, therefore, was the one who proposed Alberto Stubbins in the cover of LP "Band Lonely Hearts Club" Sargent Pepper (1967).

To assemble this cover, Paul McCartney also proposed Dixie Dean, an idol of the Everton FCanother club in the city and for whom he is a fan, even at the suggestion of his father, but failed. When the album went on sale, The Beatles sent Stubbins an autographed copy with the inscription "Well done, Albert, for all these glorious years of football," even though his football career did not go too far.

Seventy-seven years later, the artist Peter Blake, the creator of the famous and revolutionary canvas, had to compose a new one in digital form when choosing Liverpool as the Capital of Culture 2008. He used the same concept as before but added players Michael Owen (red) and a Wayne Rooney (blues), symbols of both teams in the city.

Until then, according to various versions that were not officially confirmed – although in 2011 musician and conductor Bobby Flores told Perfil that he saw this video on a trip to London in the 1990s and that Juan Alberto Badía also knew this story, John took over from Racing when he won the Intercontinental Cup final in Celtic, although it was not in this subject, and he threw something else into cricket. He was once asked if he was interested in football. "The truth is not," he replied, then he said "wait …What is the name of the team that plays against Celtic? Racing? Hey! I like Racing! Viva Racing! I'm from Racing!. Thirty years later, "Chango" Cárdenas came to say that "My goal was celebrated by John Lennon." Because of the hatred between England and the Scots, Lennon did not even want to overcome Celtic.

A year later, In 1968, when Manchester United won the European Cup, Lennon was part of a celebration with his friend George Best, a skilful attacker, "Red Devils". and known as "The Fifth Beatle."

Also in 1968, The Beatles appeared in the famous "Mad Day Out" photographic cover, covered with the flag of Liverpool, although this may be a way of referring to their origin and does not refer to anything football, while others believe that LP Red and Blue, which summarized the two major stages of their career, are related to the colors of both teams. city, even though they left when the group was already disbanded.

In 1970, the Scottish gentleman appeared in LP "Let it be" Matt Busby, who was a successful technical director of the company. t Manchester United between 1945 and 1969 to return in the 1970-71 season and In 1958 she survived the plane crash in Munich in which an airplane that led to the institution crashed out with the balance of eight dead players. Busby, who reconstructed Manchester United with very young players, appears on "Dig it".

Just as Lennon was more closely connected to Liverpool, Paul Mc Cartney was associated with a city rival Everton FC. Once they saw him at the stalls at the end FA Cup 1968 between West Bromwich Albion and Everton (who won the WBA), who attended with his cousin.

Linda Eastman, his ex-wife, who died in 1998 and followed Manchester United, he commented that in 1977, Paul listened to the radio in the final of the English Cup between Liverpool and Manchester United and that they won 2-1 at Wembley. He also competed in the second final of the Cup between Everton and Liverpool in 1986, with a "red" victory of 3-1.

"It's a deal. My father was born in Everton, my family is officially from Everton, if that's a derby or finals of the English Cup between them to support Everton, "he once said Radio Meresyde. Then he explained something different. "I met Kenny Dalglish (idol of Liverpool)who came to me and I said "you know what?" I support you because I do not have this Catholic thing (Everton) – Protestant (Liverpool), so I had to get a papal special permission for it. I support them both, though, if there is a definition between them, I'm from Everton"he told the magazine in 2008 Observer Sports before his concert in Anfield, at the stadium in Liverpool.

In 2011, Paul and his daughter Beatrice went to Wembley in the finals of the Champions League between Manchester United and Barcelona, ​​so he saw Lionel Messi, who survived the European championship.. Before the concert in Brazil in 2017, there are players Corinthians they were wearing t-shirts that spoke # Sing4LifePaul in connection with an organ donation campaign seeking to support the former Beatle. In 2012, on the first Paul's concert in Uruguay, East Liverpool got a ticket as an honorary member.

Two years later, when he returned to Uruguay, Luis Suárez (former player Red) did a conversation on the Web and they are jokes about the future conflict between Uruguay and England in the group stage of the World Cup in Brazil, two months after the tournament. This interview ended Paul has swollen for Uruguay and Everton. Suarez asked him if, in the event that the Celeste team would eliminate the British "swelling for us, and I promise that if I achieve the goal, I will dedicate" to which the musician replied that "we all know that England is the champion, only give me the goal when you do it, anyway. "

Interview between Luis Suarez and Paul Mc Cartney

Paul can also be seen playing football with others wings in the last minutes of the videoMary had some lamb from the Paul Mc Cartney exhibition in 1973 as well as a testimony of how English and French soldiers merged into a mud squash in the "Pipas de la Paz". Years later, paintings by Paula and his group, who played soccer on their farm, appeared, even though they wore long trousers.

Famous producer and composer Andy Thompson confirms that Paul (and perhaps still) was the fan of Everton, just like his father, but his brother Mike was excellent network and part of his "The Scaffold" band, "Thank You" promotional film, was filmed in front of a sold out crowd in front of Spion Cop (the main stadium of the Anfield Stadium) at his request. "

In the song "We've gotten married" from his LP "Flowers in the dirt" (1989), Paul refers to football in "Scoring for another team" (sets goals for another team). and in LP "Flaming Pie" (1997), in the song "Somedays" says: "It's not good that you ask me where is the day, who won the race or reached the goal I see one day, one day I look into your soul" (It's not good that you wonder when the day is, who won or scored, there are the days I watch, the days when I look at your soul).

Dhani Harrison, son of the deceased George, although it is London, is a fan of football and Liverpool and always watch the games Anfield. But George is the most disinterested Beatle in football and he was responsible for saying: "There are 3 teams in Liverpool and I am from the other." Maybe according to Tranmere Rovers, on League 2 (fourth division), but this is not at all true, and only the sentence showed its distance. The only known predecessor of George is seen in "Anthology", a book written by the Beatles themselves, where it seems like A 14-year-old enthusiast who enjoyed in the English Cup final in 1957, in which Aston Villa beat Manchester United 2-1.

On the other hand, however Ringo Starr is a fan of Arsenal and how his eyes were LondonI took it to see Artists every time he visits the city, though his children always go to Liverpool and have a passage to Anfield.

From the environment of Beatles, football was closest Head of the road, Neil Aspinall, who always walked to Liverpool's matches in Anfield before he had to move to London and even lived there, returned when he found the opportunity.

Football also includes references to football Beatles movies. In the movie "Yellow Submarine", in the song "Eleanor Rigby", football appears and possibly as a recipient derby of Meresyde (Everton-Liverpool).

"Eleanor Rigby" has a scene that seems to be a football match between Liverpool and Everton

Football also appears in "Help!". You see full stadium and supposedly Ringo dominates the ball. And in the "Magical Mystery Tour" Beatles have seen playing soccer during a video clip "Blue Jay Way" in 1967. There they thought positive involving football after the heat unleashed in England after the World Cup won in 1966. In fact, there are many photographs taken in Vidne for the camera Ringo tries to overcome the ball.

In the same year, the previous version of "Glass Onion" was originally closed with a loops voice of the commentator Kenneth Wolstenholme screamed: "That's the goal!" taken from their World Cup transfers' # 66, although this segment was subsequently rejected by producer Martin Martin. Even stadiums around the world sang their songs. After the release of the album "Yellow Submarine" she was one of the favorite "All Togheter Now" themes. In Argentina, Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da arrived in the late sixties, which is also eaten in Japan. Or even now, in some courts in Europe, "Hey Jude" sounds.

The Spanish club is in time Villarreal baptized as "Yellow Submarine" by colorand their fans often use their own iconography and typography on tribunes.

Biggest the connection between the Beatles and football It was a telegram sent in 1965 to Liverpool coach, legendary Bill Shankly, who wish him luck in the English Cup final, and this is displayed at the Shankly Hotel in Liverpool. "Good luck, guys, we'll watch them on TV, John, Paul, George and Ringo.".

Covering Lennon's "Wall and Bridges" (1974) refers to the Newcastle match with Arsenal in the English Cup final on May 3, 1952. John was 11 years old when he drew a scene from this game – when Chilean Jorge Robledo scored the only goal Srake with a header (1-0), and we can also see the player of Newcastle with the number nine on the back, Jackie Milburn. However, in the remastered release Yoko Ono changed the cover. The LP is a song with the name "9 Dream" (nine was John's favorite number).

Years later, Néstor Flores I'm writing a the biography of the brothers Robledo, Jorge and Ted, the Chilean footballers of the English league. The local press got photos of the target and believed it Do not forget that this picture has already been seen Once, and as a good Beatleman, he remembered this The photo was exactly the same as the one at the top of the disc.


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