Be careful! They have uncovered a serious risk of red meat consumption


December 13, 2018

The new study experts pointed out the risks of introducing this type of meat.

In countries like Argentina, there is spending red meat It's a lot of people per year. However, scientists have warned of the dangers they can create.

A study by experts from the Lerner Research Institute, a part of the Cleveland Clinic in the United States, found that red meat-rich foods can have consequences.

The statement, which was expressed on the website of the US National Health Institutes, said that high consumption of this type of meat causes increase of the chemical substance trimethylamine N-oxide (TMAO) in blood, thereby directly related to it cardiovascular disease.

This substance, known as TMAO, is formed during ingestion, with intestinal bacteria and to a large extent derives from nutrients that red meat. This, after a clinical trial of 113 people, healthy men and women, studied the effects of these proteins.

As a conclusion of the study, experts could find that those people who often consume this type of meat TMAO levels are three times higher than those with a diet rich in white meat or proteinates of plant origin.

It is positive that these levels of the substance are significantly reduced when this type of diet is abandoned. Stanley Hazen, study author, said that the search "for the first time shows the dramatic effect of a change in diet at the TMAO level. "

On the other hand, researcher Charlotte Pratt states "These findings reinforce current nutritional recommendations that encourage people of all ages to follow a heart-eating plan that limits red meat."


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