Saturday , July 24 2021

Attention: "zombie deer" can infect people with their illness

United States health authorities pay attention to the expansion of chronic cachexia disease (CWD) in deer, reindeer and poor, which was popularly known as zombie deer.

Currently, 24 US countries have reported chronic cachexia infection in cervids, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Evil is known as zombie disease because of his symptoms. Contaminated animals show a loss of body weight, an aimless look, a lack of coordination and aggression. They usually die.

Until now, herds of deer in North America are dying because of a strange disease that is gradual destroys the nervous system of these animals and turns them into some kind of zombies. At least 22 US states and several regions of Canada are affected by a disorder called chronic cachexia or zombie disease.

Evil produces neurodegenerative disorders (cognitive disorders such as those caused by Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease). It is expanding with prions, proteins that produce neurodegenerative changes, but direct contact is not the only way: animals and corpses infected with this disease can spread through plants and soil. Therefore hunters are advised to be very careful with the infected reindeer.

They do not report infections in humans and scientists do not have convincing evidence that infected meat has ever harmed people. However, a study by Colorado State University with Canadian scientists has shown that monkeys who ate the meat of infected reindeer have suffered from this disease.

For the first time, the syndrome was detected in captive animals in 1960 and in wild deer in 1981, and since 2000, the affected area has increased to reach different territories with a doubling rate of up to 79% in flocks of captive animals.

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