asks for the "urgent isolation of the settlers" of Epuyen


Minister of Health Chubuta, Adrián Pizzi, asked for this mediation of justice, by introducing the obligatory nature of emergency isolation for the settlers of Epuyéna who had an "epidemiological link" with people affected by the chantavirus, a disease that caused 9 deaths and reported 24 positive cases.

The regional official confirmed the procedure he had taken before the Esquel prosecutor's office by "isolating it strictly and avoiding contact, as this is the only concrete way to reduce the outbreak."

The application was filed by prosecutors Esquel, Ezequiel Forti and María Bottini, who were received this afternoon in his office by the minister and Jorge Elías, assistant director of the Zone Hospital of this city, who is the head of the region.

Hantavirus took life for nine people in Chubut. / web

The measure was formally formalized by reference to Article 205 of the Penal Code, which penalizes "a prison sentence of six months to two years, which constitutes a violation of the measures taken by the competent authorities to prevent the introduction or spread of an epidemic."

The request, which will be dealt with by the Public Prosecutor's Office, would reach about 60 people who had an "epidemiological contact" with the affected it is estimated that it can be extended by 30 days.

"We are increasing the strict coherence of the respiratory isolation that was introduced to limit the spread, because, according to the residents' testimony, we know that there are those who do not adhere and take the opportunity to sincerely thank those who are aware and follow the directives" explained one of the epidemiologists who are part of an interdisciplinary group that was set up to cope with an outbreak.


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