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It should be sport for pleasure, to meet the proposed challenge, but not only to lose weight. It's true that exercise helps, but what need to be changed to achieve weight loss is feeding. And people are able to eat a lot more calories than burners, and it has been proven that exercise alone can not cause greater weight loss if the diet is not adapted.

Let's see what customs are correct to achieve the goal of weight loss:

Eat a little

It seems to be a lie, but eat a little and hungry does not mean losing weight. If you're too restrictive with your diet, what? You can cause a slowdown in your metabolism and consequently an increase in weight loss problems.

This happens with adjusting; it's about survival if you give too little to your body; you have to survive and then decide to reduce your daily calorie consumption (basal metabolism), so you can continue with your daily life. You must not allow this to happen.

# In order for metabolism to be agile and active.

– Eat often, every 3 hours approximately healthy food.

– Take extra meals after training (fruit or yogurt).

– Do not remove food groups. Meals must be complete.

– Do the exercise.

# Do not remove carbohydrates from your diet

– Carbohydrates are responsible for providing enough energy for exercising.

– Integrated carbohydrates enrich diet with fiber, vitamins and minerals, making them more nutritious and saturated.

• Take high-fat foods such as avocados, nuts and seeds seeds daily

These are foods rich in vitamins and minerals, healthy fats and fiber. It ensures good satiety and consequently the proper regulation of appetite, which prevents the killing and consumption of other unhealthy foods.

– Their consumption can be replaced to enrich food, not necessarily to eat them daily.

– Eat in small quantities.

– Eat them at breakfast or as a snack to take advantage of his satiety.

# Usual consumption of detoxification drinks

Juices "Detox" are based on a simple combination of several foods (fruits, vegetables, seeds, roots and pulses), selected primarily because of their high content of fibers, vitamins and minerals, as well as antioxidant and depurative properties. help the entire body in better functioning. As always, they do not replace all the nutrients that the body needs therefore they are not recommended to be consumed as the only food.

What will help me lose weight?

Your allies lose weight:

There are no tricks, nor foods that cause an immediate decrease in your body weight, but some that can help your goal:

Green leafy vegetables: Vegetables such as lettuce, cabbage, spinach or shrimp are particularly low calorie and very rich in fiber, so they give food food and help you feel satisfied with a very low calorie intake.

Vegetables: They are rich in protein and fiber, and they are taken and supplemented with low calorie meals. Although you have to watch how you cook them! Obara and fabada will not be the best choice if you want to lose weight, cook better with vegetables or eat in a salad.

Dairy Products: if you decide to mimic, they will help you lose weight, efficiency, and health. On the one hand, we have fermented milk as yoghurt and kefir that the contribution of milk bacteria will contribute to better digestion, regulation of the intestinal passage and the feeling of swelling in the abdomen, which is caused by digestion of food during the day. In addition, milk products provide high-quality protein, which can be beneficial after training, and a glass of drinking yogurt can provide good protein and carbohydrates, you can also take the curd or fresh cheese that you beat with a piece of fruit. the perfect domestic recuperator.

Good quality protein: this nutrient increases fat burning in the body, so do not forget to consume it in large quantities in large quantities, choosing those foods that provide high quality protein and low fat content, such as lean meat, fish, eggs and legumes

Eggs: provide a protein of high biological value and recent studies confirm that they do not lead to an increase in cholesterol levels or cardiovascular risks. However, if you want to lose weight, they are excellent foods: protein-rich benefits the termogenesis (fat burning) and provides good satiety with low calorie intake.

Whole grains: do not exclude them from your disc and less if you are a fan of running. Improve whole grains (whole grains). In addition, they can be consumed in breakfasts or snacks in foods, such as oats that enrich food from the fibers, and a progressive contribution to energy.

Fruit: Spend two or three per day. As an athlete, it is a good thing that one of the citrus fruit is taking more vitamin C, while the other is yellow, orange, red or purple, like red fruits to enrich antioxidant foods.

Finally, remember: "That the loss is more difficult than the result of your training, no reason."


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