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With Copa Argentina under the central arm he prepares the first full full of commitments. El Canalla will play Argentine Supercopo against Boca, eleven remaining Super League matches, Copa Libertadores and a brand new cup. Even though you may have to play with an alternative team in several matches, players who will not be in the team until 2019 will start to know each other.

And that's how these soccer players start to see what Paton Bauza will not consider. The first is Diego Arismendi of Uruguay, who, despite the conviction that the coach gave him his arrival at the club, did not even meet expectations at all.

"I think he will fit quickly and he will not have a problem," Patón said when the Vezist signed a deal with the Central. But this reflection was very far from the reality of Uruguay, wearing a central shirt. He never adapted to the team when he had the chance to show that he was wasting them, suffered injuries, and always showed more defects than virtues in the field.

Four months ago, Canalla acquired the entire Uruguayan passage and therefore, in the coming days, is looking for a new horizon or present on 2 January in Arroyo Seco, although you would know that you will not have minutes in court.

Arismendi experienced the same fate as his cousin Santiago Romero, who arrived in Arroyito in mid-2017 when Paolo Montero was a technique for turning. He started as a starter, but he did not play too much. Six times for Superliga and three for Copa Argentina was from the beginning, but his stay in Rosario was very short. After six months and no place in the team that Leo Fernandez had already led, he returned to Nacional.

Another one who came to Arroyito with a lot of posters and was disappointed by more than one was Gastón Gil Romero. Like Arismendi and Romero, his natural position is the central link player. He began in his beginnings in Estudiantes and became captain of Pinche, but he moved to the club La Plata surprisingly. He came to Rosario with Coudet as a coach, was wounded at the first game she played and never made a cut for playing at the Central. It was a season and it was gone.

Orders Patón

With regard to possible reinforcements for the upcoming season, the members of the board and Mauro Cetto will meet on Friday to begin presenting steps that would follow the desire to fulfill Paton Bauz's orders for the first semester.

The middle players will continue their work on January 2 along with physical trainers Bruno Militan and José Di Leo, field assistant Bauz, who will re-join preseason four days later.


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