Saturday , July 24 2021

Ardusso won the Toros duel

Santafesino resisted Perna's attack in the first meters, then made a very good difference and won the second series at the Viedma motorway, naming the first day of the year where he earned a place in the first finale. The Spanish finishes the type three.

Facundo Ardusso He put the candidate's suit to dominate his authority with the second battery of the tourist road in Vadma, the start date of the championship, at the command of the leader Official team of Torino.

Initially, Leonel Perna try copying maneuver Guillermo Ortelli in the first version, but Ardusso stayed on the inside and retained the first place. Jonatan Castellano (Dodge) third and Valentin Aguirre (Dodge) fourth, when I'm great on the field Agustin Canapino (Chevrolet) in the first meters.

"We managed to win the fastest series, we will see what will happen to Marian's series, but we are very good at the pace, although I have fallen slightly over the end." Leo attacked me initially, I could hold him down and then he could not. The idea was to do it as quickly as possible and we did it ", Skinny preserved.

Meanwhile, Perna said: "I tried to go out quickly, I opened it, and when I tried to scare, Facu came to me, shook me and lost my speed."

At the end of the partial, Canapino and Christian Ledesma (Chevrolet) They were addicted and both were in the last places. "Ledesma comes slower because I had a pierced rubber, I shot to transfer it, it touched me and I'm going to rotate, we lost more than we saw that we lose because we do not have a good pace, I do not know what happens, but we are very slow, " cont the campen.

2 series

1 ARDUSSO, FACUNDO Turin 06: 01.473
2 PERNA, LEONEL Turin 06: 03.428 1955
3 CASTELLANO, JONATHAN Dodge 06: 04.685 3,212
4 AGUIRRE, VALENTN Dodge 06: 06,793 5,320
5 ALAUX, SERGIO Chevrolet 06: 06.989 5,516
6 MANGONI, SANTIAGO Chevrolet 06: 13.594 12,121
7 GIANNI, JUAN PABLO Ford 06: 15,349 13,876
8 PONCE DE LEN, GABRIEL Ford 06: 15.797 14,324
9 EBARLN, JUAN JOS Chevrolet 06: 17.196 15,723
10 GONZLEZ, NICOLS Turin 06: 17,873 16,400
11 DE CARLO, DIEGO Chevrolet 06: 23,644 22,171
12 CANAPINO, AGUSTN Chevrolet 06: 36,905 35,432
13 LEDESMA, CHRISTIAN Chevrolet 06: 38,365 36,892

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