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Another oil company contributes to reducing fuel prices

Puma's announcement came after a reduction in fuel consumption, which this week has already used YPF, Shell and Axion competitors.

After this week announced the sale of its fuels, Puma added that the decline in prices with a correction between 1 and 2.5% for the entire network, reports the company whose trademark is managed by the Dutch Trafigura.

In May, Trafigura completed the acquisition of most of the Petrobras refineries and market fuels, which included more than 250 service stations and the Ricardo Elicabe Refinery (BBR) at the Pampa Energía City of Bahía Blanca.

The truth is that after buying the assets of the Brazilian Petrobras, the oil company is now advocating a greater share of the fuel market, focusing its commercial strategy on price cuts. In this fight, Puma decided to place its prices above the YPF reference value in Buenos Aires.

So new Puma's values ​​for super petrol $ 37.39; premium oil $ 43.29; diesel engine $ 34.94 and premium diesel 40.69 $. New oil tile prices will be below the other two competitors.

In addition, the company anticipated launching a summer promotion with a 5% discount on Wednesday on oil for which the public will be able to access from 16 January to 28 February in order to increase competitiveness.

Managers believe this will be the first of the company's promotional campaigns in 2019, which will seek to attract consumers and add their customers to the network of stations, along with other marketing measures to build loyalty and stimulate consumption.

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