Another mistake on Facebook: claiming that 6.8 million user photos were published – December 15, 2018


Another collapse for the Facebook social network today recognizes a new security error which could affect up to 6.8 million people who used the login (Facebook Login) to quickly identify themselves in other third-party applications. These "applications", as reported by the company, have accessed the photos of each user.

The incident, according to technology, was developed for 12 days, between September 13 and September 25, although it is only now that Facebook reports. Although the company, led by Mark Zuckerberg, ensures that the situation is already resolved, but also recognizes it 1,500 applications created by 876 developers they are caught by a new security mess

Facebook explained this in a statement the error was detected in the API (application software interface) of the photo which affected users who signed in to a social network account in third-party applications. In this way, he gave him the necessary permissions for developers to have access to images.

"When a user allows the app to access their photos on Facebook, we usually only give access to shared photos on the wall, but the error could give access to other photos, such as those that are shared in stories or in market, "said Facebook. Developers have also been able to access images that have not even finished downloading them because "Facebook saves a copy so that the user can complete the download".

In response to this incident, the company today promises new tools in the coming weeks so that developers can figure out which users have been affected and will notify users affected by this security error so they can, if you wish, be able to delete their photos. In addition, they were recommended to every user check how your account is configured in security options.

This new problem adds a year full of complications for the social network that is flooded due to a number of privacy issues and the uncertain future. Among them stands out the Cambridge Analytica scandal in April and the "hack" that suffered the social network in October, which affected 50 million invoices.

(Source: ANSA)


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