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Andrea del Boc's decision to firmly decide: "Traffic does not talk about Amalii Granat anymore"


The extent of the strong words of the daughter Andrea del Boca This has brought a number of consequences, the theme has become one of the summer season scandals, and several well-known personalities from the world of entertainment have been involved. Anna Chiara has condemned her father, Ricardo Biasotti, and admitted that she suffered in her childhood, which she challenged.

Moria Casn, Lucia Galn and up Amalia Granata, Ricard's former partner, went to a crossroads and advocated Biasotti. Undoubtedly, she was the one who disturbed Granato most: "I can say that I am a friend and I know him … he is a person who is not aggressive, he does not deal with this vocabulary and less with his daughter," admits the famous in Angela in the morning. "

Amalia's words were greatly accomplished, and Andrea's lawyer, Juan Pablo Fioribello, did not have the grace when he talked about a panelist and a former dance participant. "He warns how many times we see these girls who have a little bit of the past from an elastic bombing judgment and thinking about the life and morale of others," the lawyer said in "Intratable".

But this was not all, later doubled the bet and said: "Those people who think about the lives of others with such ease of such sensitive things and do not even have the smallest idea, people who came to the media to invent Romans with singers who they are also ridiculous when they asked or knew it, "is mentioned in the direct mention of Granata.

Of course, she did not keep silent and responded through social networks: "In addition to the Mizogens, a lawyer who dies in cameras hanging from my aunt … my friend Mo" (sic) would say, "A comment from a machist, misguide and violent" The lawyer of a lad who is accused of corruption is not abandoned … seems to share the principles of "(sic)", I forgot Aaaa because in no newspaper there were problems that you have with your ex for the misuse of Misgin, a violent and sexist "and" It's nice to have loose socks so they can change it often and do not smell … blackmail, illegal possession of weapons, family violence, etc. "(sic), Some comments from celebrities.

Before the virus, Fioribello attended "Incorrectly" and assured that he did not mention former Biasothy: "I will not speak about Amalia again because I gave the word to my husband Leonardo Squarzone, who is her current partner and I told him I will not speak anymore on this topic, so I do not want to argue, "said the guest of the Moria cycle.

"I talked to him and I pledged not to touch the question again, he is a neighbor, so I will leave him there," he explained later, explaining that he has been known for years because of the atmosphere of tennis. I do not like to argue with Amalia. I do not think it makes any sense. I defend my client with nails and teeth … "

According to Primicias, in order to be imprisoned, he mentioned the tweets against him and replied: "I am not misgivings, I love women, I have no problem, I never had any problems with any woman in my life". He said and spoke about the question of the weapon: "You can have possession and carry and this does not mean any kind of crime, because everything is registered … And I did not have a problem with my son's mother, or anything … absolutely," he concluded.

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