Ana Rosenfeld appealed to the Bar Association for the misuse of business secrets in the Darthés case


On Monday at in the afternoon everything was speculation and changed states: in the journalistic field, it was known that the name was Juan Darthés was the one mentioned by Actrices Argentinas in case of violation of Thelma Fardín.

We had to wait for the official message among so many versions. He's a lawyer then Ana Rosenfeld he has already decided to legally stop playing the player in the case for which it started Calu Rivero. Rosenfeld knew what would happen the day after; in fact, he said that he immediately emerged from the case when Fardin's dismissal was known.

For some reason the lawyer did not want to wait and predict through Twitter to continue to sponsor Darthés in justice. That same night he went into the program Santiago del Moro, Unmistakable, and told the details of the defense and his conversations with the player. For many of his colleagues, interrupted what is called a "professional secret" which led to a series of allegations against him in the Bar Association.

Lawyer Francisco Onetto filed this appeal against Rosenfeld, this is not the first thing a lawyer has in a company that brings together law experts. Obviously, there were previous complaints, some of which had effective fines that had to be met, and one of them has recently been for 80 thousand pesos. What Rosenfeld is afraid of – and wants Onetto – is to take a license plate. This is unlikely in the facts, but the collection of complaints against him at the heart of the subject is at risk.

Onetto is the version that finally I could take the defense of Darthes in the case of Thelma Fardín, against potential loss Fernando Burlando to his defense. This lawyer still holds the question: "If I advised or advocated, I would not say this because the presentation must first be judicial and mediate. It would accept the right to defend each person who has the right to defend himself. Every person is innocent until proven otherwise. I refuse to say that it's already the fault. If we start with justice with our own hand, we return to the state of nature. If a man raped a woman, he must be closed; but let's see for sure before that person, "said Onetto in the program Included for America.

Onetto he appeared on television with a very strong cross with one of the members of this group. "You're doing witch hunting," he closed the cry and finally Mariano Iúdica He took him out of the air because of his bad ways with a woman. Now, he is going to Rosenfeld to the Bar Association because, according to his arguments, Dartha violated the "professional secret" on Monday night.

In return, Teleshow this could be a player Calu Rivero will also file a lawsuit against a lawyer for filing a complaint against him at the time of presenting the player, then renounces the defense when he raises the charge of "rape".


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