An open photo of Karina "La Princesita" with her new love


In the end, images emerged that confirm that the tropical singer Karina is in pairs, and she will not be able to deny.

Love knocked on the door "Little Princess" Karina and was photographed above a van with his boyfriend, lawyer Juan Pablo Rovita.

After completing the relationship with Kun Agüero and among the many bans that the family of football players left to journalists, it appears that the singer found peace and quiet.

Karina La Princesita said why she posted an episode of sexual violence: "He did not stop, I felt …"

Photo Karina and Juan Pablo, confirms at least what was allegedly, since October last year, when both were seen in bowling in Palermo.

Magazine Soon is responsible for confirming the romance on the cover of this Wednesday, January 9th: "They saw that she had withdrawn from the theater, along with a lawyer with whom she sneaked from the middle of last year."

After a tough start in 2019 Karina who has reported to her brother about the abuses of her mother and her via social networks, now seems to be a good party and no longer has problems to be followed by her partner, a lawyer, Juan Pablo Rovito.


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