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An awkward assembly in the Independiente, amid reading difficulties and insults by Hugo Moyan

The Independent lived this Wednesday a sultren circuit special which began with difficulty reading the minute and ended with insults to club president Hugo Moyan against opponents of his list, whom he treated as “marmots,” “stupid,” and “imbeciles.”

It was at a board meeting at which it was adopted by a majority club budget until June 2022, a commitment that was missed in the context of the financial transformation of management and the state of the pandemic.

It all started when Hugo Moyano started reading “agenda”, this is the official agenda of the assembly convened at the club’s school gym, located at 800 Avenida Alsina Street, which planned to discuss the budget and the election six members of the electoral committee.

There were 58 representatives for Slovenia Independent aggregation (most), 4 by Red list and another 4 for Pure red feeling.

Before the president’s words, at the time of the formation Electoral Committee for the December elections Eduardo Rubio, Fernando Gianastazzio, Walter Curia, Fabián Ciol and Miguel Otero from the Independent Group and Alejandro Viñariño from the Red List were then selected.

From the first minute unionist had difficulty reading minutes, despaired in his attempt to speak and forward to Héctor Maldonado, Secretary-General Red.

Moyano may have been betrayed by nerves before the public reading or your own glasses, before the document is too small.

The successor seems to be emboldened by the task, but he is even more complications that he is the leader of the truckers, especially by word of mouth “epidemiological”.

The club’s accountant Daniel González then explained Moyanist’s budget figures with the proposed expenditure and investment for the period lasts from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022.

So things the assembly began to heat up when one of the representatives of the opposition group Moyanu criticized what the accountant pointed out and condemned that the budget for 2017-2018 ” 100% deviation between budget and implementation “and from 2019 to 2020 this value shoot up to 1,500%.

As can be seen from the footage, he yelled loudly in the middle of this discussion “Shame on Moyano!” , after which a group of attendees came from the gym to look for apparently that person who was screaming. It was not clear who was looking for him.

Finally – and after the budget has been approved – everything eventually rotted at the time of voting by members of the electorate, fromThe opposition demanded another member while the majority stressed that this could not be done by law.

Moyano already visibly angry, addressed the opponent: “We live in an abnormal situation. We had to wait for the date of this assembly, because previously due to a pandemic it was not possible, not even trade unions can hold elections. What country do you live in?“.

Explaining that they had limited time for the assembly due to the sanitary protocol, he continued: “We cannot criticize that it was not convened in a timely manner. They start philosophizing. There are clubs that owe 10 times more than we do and have a disaster. I can’t imagine having to drive and drive. “

He finished: “You have to have guts run an institution like a sports club because you can’t drive without guts. That’s why you norci they whore and break shit … If they had guts, they’d come here and pick him up. They seem to be emerging those marmots which do not even serve to spy, those stupid ones who started appearing now. They don’t scare us. “

According to the card, the unionist tried to “connect” the partners who had already left the axis and closed the meeting, a few suddenly. It was visible behind him his youngest son Jerónimo Moyano (21), who is not the head of the club (at least he was never officially official as such), but occupied a chair in the assembly as if he were and usually carries out activities on behalf of the club.

Jerónimo Moyano takes care of his father Hugo’s back

Jerónimo Moyano takes care of his father Hugo’s back

Red balance

Moyano has been president of the Independiente since July 2014. He has been a club ever since he changed coach eleven times. He has not been a state-level champion since 2002, and his most recent celebrations were the 2010 and 2017 South American Cups (the only Moyano board title).

He came to the presidency after the failed administration of Javier Cantero, the president who wanted to remove the brave stick from Álvarez’s “Bebote” and eventually went downhill.

In December there will be elections at the club and the lack of unity of the opposition favors Moyan, who won his terms by a considerable margin.

Also in December, but last year, Moyano’s management approved the balance sheet shown on June 30, 2020 liability of 2,807,225,579 pesos, which would mean that the debt was growing 70 percent Since then. By February 2020, the Independiente had joined 57 footballers.

Pablo Moyano, his son at the helm of a truck union who has been heavily weighed down by the vice-president at the club, is being investigated for fraud and has been fired from the alleged leadership of the bastards accused by “Bebote” for alleged illegal association.


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