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Almeyda, critic: "The state team is poorly exploited" and what kind of project must be imaged to recover the lost glory


Although Argentina is coming from the second place in the last two editions of Copa America (Chile 2015 and USA 2016), the bad image that she left at the 2018 World Cup in Russia created uncertainty ahead of the tournament in Brazil.

We need to add this panorama since 1993 Copa America has not received an official title, led by Alfio Basile as a coach and footballers such as Oscar Ruggeri, Fernando Redondo, Diego Simeone and Gabriel Batistuta.

Matías Almeyda, currently San Jose Earthquakes MLS trainer and yes with odds Albiceleste He participated in the World Championships of France 98 and Korea-Japan 2002, with whom he was very active in the conversation Infobae the reasons for this extensive drought.

"Argentina is poorly exploited, it does not have a project, a game philosophy.. Let's hope to identify ourselves after our game all over the world, because we have everything we can do, "he began his story.

During the conversation, the word appeared: the project. From 2006 until today, the selection was made by nine technical directors: José Néstor Pekerman, Alfio Basile, Diego Armando Maradona, Sergio Batista, Alejandro Sabella, Gerardo Martino, Edgardo Bauza, Jorge Sampaoli and Lionel Scaloni. "We have two world titles, but we also allow many world titles. Today we could have another World Cup. Argentina had two best players in history, it had a global hierarchy; but there was never a long-term project to exploit everything that comes from Argentina, which is generally good, "he said.

Many of the critics that the national team receives for lack of results falls on Lionel Messi, but born Azul has a different opinion on this: "If we look at the games, they played well in 95% of the various styles, the various tactical unemployed, with different styles and tastes, we need to identify what we want to play and then put together the project ".

Next BolhaThe presence of Ángela Di María, Sergia Agüero and Nicolás Otamendi stand out in the current campus.

Almeyda claims that you have to put on an idea that is carried out from the youngest to the oldest and has a defined identity of the game. The former coach of the river and Chivas de Guadalajara gave examples to Belgium (third in Russia 2018) and Germany (champion in Brazil 2014).

"You need to have a long-term project to replace players who are now. I can present you examples Belgium and Germany, to name a few, to play from Sub 15 to the greatest one with the same style. The player knows that every time he goes to the national team he has to play in a way, from boys to big ones. "Later, he pointed out that in order to realize this idea, there is still something very important for defining: as the one that we will follow. "

Lately, Claudio Chiqui It seems that Tapia, as the head of the AFA, accepted the idea of ​​"imitating" the line taken by José Néstor Pekerman when he put in front of various football teams that were identified at that time. Albiceleste: Diego Placente (under 15), Pablo Aimar (under 17), Lionel Scaloni (Major) and Walter Samuel (assistant).

"Regardless of who they are, boys who are now very good people and able to have experience, I hope they can do it, but we can not stay in the names. The Argentine team has a history that goes beyond names, that's what we need to recover, but more than anything with the game. Go to any country and say "be cautious with Argentina". This is what we miss for many years. "

Despite his criticisms, Almeida believes that Argentina is capable of making a good tournament on the rich scale of Lionel Scalonia. "This will be a good event for the national team, it may be a good opportunity to build something new. I hope that he can win, I think he has the players to achieve this.he said. The Albiceleste It is part of Group B with Colombia, Paraguay and Qatar, invited Conmebol and has just won the Asian Cup.

Before the signing of the United States Football franchise franchise, former footballers Parma, Lazio and Inter are in the orbit of two national teams (Argentina and Mexico), a goal that leads to the future. "My wish as a coach is that I have a career similar to that I had as a playerWhy do not you get upset? This is the most beautiful and the greatest challenge a coach can have. "

"I would like to participate again in the World CupOf course, I would accept a proposal from another country that was not Argentina, "he concluded.


After leaving Chivas de Guadalajara, Matías Almeyda accepted a new challenge when he moved to Major League Soccer and became the new technical director of the San José earthquake.

It will not be easy for the Argentine side guard, as his new team is the worst last year, with only four wins in 34 appearances.

"We are growing, the team started poorly, but they are growing. The project is long-term, but we have already made great progress the style of the game and the results, "said the coach, who already had 19 matches in 15 matches, almost the same amount that he earned last year.

Despite the poor performance of the Californian group Peeling betting to ensure continuity on the baseball players: "We gave the opportunity to 90 percent of players to show that training, playing, living and changing some things can fight, compete. The club is one of the least invested so far ".

Almeyda, who including customs, such as the Argentinean grill try to "unite a group of people of different nationalities and different cultures", claims that in the future, the US League will be one of the most popular destinations for athletes.

"This will be the league where the player will want to play and play. One is calm, enjoy. There is no exaggeration. There are criticisms, but constructive, with respect. Contracts are fulfilled. "He also pointed out that the players who stopped when betting in the dark of his career gave a great leap of quality to young people.

The coach said that "in the MLS there are more players at European level" and that "if the United States directs to football, they will reach them, they will target 2022, to 2023 … This is a projection, and they do well. Sports complexes are impressive, which the player sees when he decides to go to the country. There are many things that will convince them to go there. "And then he added:" The league is competitive, it's not a team that says it will definitely be the champion. There is spectacle and many goals.

The Azul hosts also emphasized a system that promotes tournaments, so there is equality among teams: "MLS is quite different, has other rules, the league gives a sum of money to each team to form their own teams. 3 elite players, teams can consume what they want, then trips are very long, but you can not afford a private plane. Everyone travels as a tourist and you only have two trips a year to make a document. They're looking for it. Another key thing is that projects are retained, in addition to the results. This is something admirable.

In dialogue with InfobaeAlmeyda also focused on how she matched English. "I have a translator who helps me all the time, I'm lucky that more than half of the team speaks Spanish, so there is a part that understands the message, but I teach words, prayers …".

"We are studying the view, gestures, part of the body, there are many things that help to know if someone understands or not, beyond the language, until we force them to leave the soul when they have no ball and when they have to do what we train, it means that the message he understands, "he said.

The coach also has the help of his family to find himself in the city: "There are many people in San Jose who speak Spanish, but I usually leave very little, and when I go out, I do it with my family." 4 women who speak English at home, so I avoid talking, I'm going to wind up a little after a while, I do not want to speak half in English and half in Spanish, it's important that I begin to understand.

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