Alfaro has obsession: recovering a key player – 04/12/2019


The bloody weekend for Boca will have a rest for the team before considering the match of the Argentine Cup on Friday against the Estudiantes de Rio Cuarto in Mar del Plata. However, in the head of Gustavo Alfare is a challenge for immediate: to find the best Cristiana Pavon. "This will be Pavonov's semester, I do not doubt it, this is my goal," said the coach when he arrived at the club. Despite the fact that Cordovan's striker played the first three matches as a starter, he was torn off by tears that returned to the forefront for Sebastian Villa.

Therefore Alfaro and Pavón discussed the latest practices. The coach told him what he wants to do on the pitch and how he can make better use of his virtues. A Kichán they want it with a greater decision at a time when they enter the area, but without stopping to carry out the restoration work in a delay that was included in the Schelotto Barros cycle. What do they see in coaching staff? That Pavon wears too much, because he does not choose well when and how to attack. He spoke about this: tactical order and intelligence to damage the rival.

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The striker scored two goals, as Alfaro took over, but none of the 10 games he played exploded in his best times, far in the distance, before the World Cup in Russia with the national team. Kichán did not play as a starter for Libertadores, and although Villa started dropping in for a coach, she now owns the city as the owner. Can you return to your level?

Alfaro is convinced of the potential he has, and also that he can be the last months of the player in the club. In fact, the CD is clear that it is ahead of the proposal (Ajax will pay him $ 18 million?) This is close to the values ​​they claim, It will be sold. Prior to this, Pavón must recover some of the virtues that led him to compliment Lionel Messi, two months before Copa America, to challenge Lionel Scaloni for Argentina's national team.

Pavón appears as a starter for the Argentine Cup. Along with Sebastian Villa? The process of trial against Aldosivi did not leave DT well-being. What if Guillerm's old 4-3-3 returns with Pavon and Vilo as the end and "nine"? This option may appear later. Today Alfaro intends to take care of Colombia. With 31 goals in 117 matches, with four titles and a clash of millionaires, the time came for Pavón. This is the moment of the departure of his career. DT says that.


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