Agresin in Cruz Azul is a record of the buses of the violent fans of River Plate


Some fans confuse the final with the battle. They believe that the last game of 90 or 180 minutes is life or death. Many are influenced by violence seen in other countries. They imitate poorly. And this happened on Thursday, in the first part of the MX final, med America in Cruz Azul.

A serious thing happened when the bus that moved into the cement field went towards the stadium Aztecon one of the streets, hundreds of enthusiast lovers were released, who pronounced the insults of their rival. To everything good. But then one of them thought that the dumped ground was an object that crashed on a bus. Fortunately, the team driver could quietly follow his path.

When the game was over, none of the players in the machine or the technical body did not want to talk about the aggression they suffered along the way. At the press conference, they focused more on the problems that were after the end of the game.

What happened to the bus? Cruz Azul, You remember what happened two weeks ago Buenos Aires, as lovers River Plate They attacked the bus Boca Juniors, causing bodily injury to some players. Because of this, it was necessary to play in Madrid, which caused discomfort with fans of both currencies.


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