After the anger, Nahir Galarza received meetings with Matías Caudano, his "lover" – 01/09/2019


The story between Nahir Galarzo and Matías Caudano will begin adding new chapters. That's it The 20-year-old finally settled for meetings with the son of a prisoner who publicly expressed his love.

The one who was sentenced to life imprisonment for killing her boyfriend, Fernand Pastorizza, on 29 December 2017 in Gualeguaychú, He did not like some views Caudana, 20, who has been jailed for the past two years in Parana (Entre Ríos), has been charged with the merger of a group of drug addicts, led by his own father, Elbio Gonzalo Caudana.

Matías Caudana was released from drug trafficking. (Photo: Facebook)

Matías Caudana was released from drug trafficking. (Photo: Facebook)

At the end of last year, the young man became again free because he was only released from a trial that had more than 20 convictions, including his father. It used to be He published his "love" to Galarza. "We meet," he confessed.

But the killer quickly went to deny and he shows his anger. In her opinion, Caudana failed to fulfill her promise to keep the media secret, and even accused him of wanting to be "celebrated" at his own expense. The meetings were then canceled.

But the words, as it seems, were taken by the wind. Judicial sources confirmed it TN What? Galarza finally received visits: this will be weekends (timetables to be determined) and will be extended by two hours. The meeting will take place in criminal unit no. 6 in Parana, where a girl serves a prison sentence.

According to what Caudana said, she crushed during a consultation with Nahir with a dentist whose office is in a male unit. From there a young man through his lawyer asked the Federal Court of Audit to visit her in prison. Anger and misunderstanding have postponed the actions, but in the end there will be a meeting.


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