According to the data of the Indices, inflation in November amounted to 3.2% and is already reaching 43.9% this year,


Inflation in November amounted to 3.2% This figure is above private and government expectations, but it is expected to begin a downward path in the coming months, which will more strongly reflect the monetary policy of the central bank and the latest tariff update.

With the last number, compared to last year prices reflect the development of 48.5%, while this year already reached 43.9%. After June (3.7%) and September (6.5%), which broke the rate of price growth, In November this year, for the first time, it shows that inflation has fallen in succession for two months.

In the penultimate month of this year, the increase was influenced by the Health item (5.7%) and Alcoholic beverages and tobacco (4.6%). In November, the exchange rate was marked by the rest of the year and the increase in the price of petrol stations, which were later compensated for losses by close to 3 percent.

The money program with the zero-growth scheme of the monetary base seeks to withdraw all free beetles circulating on the road, thereby reducing the maximum pressure on prices. Possible concern for December is an increase in the monetary base with which the Central Stream can circulate up to 6% more than the existing stock in November.

This option is provided for in the agreement standby with the International Monetary Fund, because, for seasonal reasons, demand for money is increasing at the end of the year due to overlapping aguinald collection and start of holidays.


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