Thursday , August 5 2021

A shocking viral video explains in two minutes the sun eclipse 2019

A shocking viral video explains in two minutes the sun eclipse 2019

On July 2, millions of people will be mobilized to the privileged cities of Argentina to see the moment when Luna blocks the entire Sun all day and suddenly becomes a night. Look what's going to happen during a historical ruin.

The San Luis Planetarium recently released a video that, in a didactic way, explains, step by step, a historically perfect solar eclipse that will be visible in the sunny July 2 July in a small area in northern Chile and cross the Andean Mountains. Enter in Parts: San Juan, La Rioja, San Luis and Córdoba to continue to the east and reach the summit in Rio de la Plata.

The institutional city of Punta Cana was rapidly having a major impact on social networks, and when the school year starts in 2019, it will serve teachers across the country as a tool, as it explains in just two minutes a simple and fun unusual event. They appear during the entire phase of the eclipse, which, according to highly qualified opinions, is all natural phenomena that have the greatest impact on humans. www.PlanetarioDeSanLuis.Org.

A unique performance from a unique place

Turismo Misiones takes you to San Juan to be part of this incredible astronomical phenomenon in a privileged way. You can also take the opportunity to visit other fantastic places in a country like Tucumán, with its charming valleys. The whole package here.

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