Sunday , August 1 2021

A Sharper Publication by Gianinne Maradone: "I thought my old man was the only one, not …"

Diego Maradona It seems that he could not replace the connection with his daughters, Dalmo and Gianinna, the fruits of his relationship with Claudio Villafae. Although sometimes – like the recent acting of a former football player – things seem to improve, they are afraid and claims still appear. Two young men always defended their mother and ended up fighting with their dad's partners. In addition, there were always legal disputes between them.

In fact, Claudia finds himself in a legal dispute with the producers of Bendit Sue, a biography of Maradona. The media say that she has never been asked for permission to personalize her, and she was dissatisfied with reading the part of the script where she referred to the alleged conversation between her and the former Maradona representative, Guillermo Coppola.

The conversation will take place when the fraud was interned in Punta del Este, on the brink of death. They all show that Villafae is concerned about the heritage when he knows the number of children in football. "Someone can think of heritage, no one wants Diego to die, I'm not like that, I've never been and will not be," she advocated a woman in a dialogue with Infama Reloaded, without emphasizing the children of ten.

But Gianinna It was not afraid to mention this scandal. Former Kun Agero He shared his family's postcards with his Instagram account and advocated a decisive rejection. In one of his posts, young people I shared a picture of a car with a sticker on the back where a traveling family and many children appear !: "I thought that my old man was just, but not …", the title, spicy.

Do not forget that Diego decided to recognize Jane's fatherhood, then Fernando Dieguito was born. The most painful thing was when he met June, which he had rejected for more than three decades. In addition, there are several DT heirs in the world (once used to be Cuba). What will your father say? Answer something?

Gianinna took on a family situation with humor, which she obviously does not like.

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