A mysterious example of the boy writer Alberto Migre: decades later he came out of the closet and told his truth


A similar feature takes place through two press events this week in the media. This common denominator is that both the protagonists of the two cases that took media interests are both dead. It is therefore difficult to have "all the bells" of their stories, as is usually sought when one party says something that in these cases can not be confirmed or denied by others.

The strongest case was related to the alleged covert relationship between the late humorist Emilio Disi with actress Iliano Calabró, confirmed by her own widow's comrade. The other, which had less resonance, was a look that says he was a boy Alberto Migré, the legendary television writer of the unforgettable hits of our screen as "Orange Skin", "Pablo in Our Skin", "Pobre diabla", "Rolando Rivas, Hacking", "Voice over the phone", "daughter-in-law", "No husband", "Those who say they love" "Leandro Leiva, dreamer and much more.

The publication of a biographical book on the life of Migraine triggered a controversy when it allowed the sale in the bookshops before the demand of its universal heir and the follower of his work, the owner of which had rights, also the writer Víctor Agú, who appealed to the publisher who published the Migraine book, signed by journalist Liliana Viola, for "copyright", which was violated in this publication for which it was withdrawn from the sale.

However, in publishing his personal Facebook account, the author of the author of success as "Rolando Rivas, taxi driver" He claimed: "Dear Teacher Alberto Migré, you did not want to talk about your private life, but they did it … Which part of these yellow colors did not understand? How long does it take to talk about the sexuality of another! Someone will think to talk about many things in life about which I never wanted to speak and that he would have the involvement of traitors. "The book, which it discards and does not respect, will begin to emerge from distribution in all existing forms." Agú, because he did not grant his rights for Migré's work, so that some fragments appear in the book, and he protected them as their owner, he received compensation for this and forced the publisher to remove him from circulation.

But what the heir was tormenting was that the book was about open secrets: the private and intimate life of Migré in relation to his sexuality. The publication, in a way, "got out of the closet", also with the testimony of a player who was with him for ten years, from 1986 to 1996. The successful telenovelian author died in 2006, aged 74 years.

This player is called Daniel Lemes and is recognizable for the followers of the legendary authors' fictions. In many novels he played important roles, but not protagónicos. Although he did not give his name in the biography about the life of the writer, he appeared on the radio program this week and told his own truth: "Alberto Migré did not hide his sexual orientation in the social field, no one ignored him. Alberto had other partners in front of me, but not openly homosexual men. I was his first gay couple. I did not stand the censorship of Liliane Viola. So I decided to tell my relationship with him, tell my truth, "he said in the radio program Franco Torchia, You can not live with love, on the radio Eleven of ten.

"It was frightening to tell me publicly, to talk about my sexuality, even though I lived it completely." I was the first gay partner Migré he recognized Lemes in a radio report, the only one he has given up to now. I want to talk about my sexuality, but his surroundings stopped him. I stayed home and took care of my mother when I traveled abroad. He also led the fifth house; Although he had a room in his house, we never slept together for ten years, in fact only once in Rosary, when I took him to record it, but we slept in separate beds. We also spent the summer of 1995 in Córdoba, We rented a house from the Players Association. He wanted me to ever play in his novels, but I'm a good friend and this is the place I like. We had some discussion on this. I felt deeply admired; He was pretty big, he was a kid, he played as a child and he was very gentle. After all, he was a troubled boy. We had a difference of 20 years. She was as an accident in the family of his sexuality. But it was a topic that he avoided, of whom he spoke little.

The lemurs were hardly attacking the heir of the mentioned writer, Víctor Agú, who immediately signed up with his name the telenovela received by Migré: "Indispensable heart", which actually belonged to his student. "He was a useless man who did not know how to write a comma, Alberto had to correct the entire novel. In Facebook, it's about traitors. I'm here Victor: I'm a traitor "he said.

The player who opted for the "gentleman Migré" recalled that he had died of his death ten years after he had divorced, in relation to another person and outside the country. He said that in the middle of the night a window in the room in which it was open, disgusting, a lot of wind came. Migré greeted me, he was very strong. For me, his death is not clear. I had heart problems, but I would ask for an autopsy if I were in Buenos Aires. I have a lot of doubts about his death, "he slipped at the end of the interview with Torchie, making him doubt he would never get away.


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