A moving message from Zaire to Wanda Nara


The host has posted on the web a nostalgic message dedicated to his sister and nephew.

Wanda Nara he returned to Italy and. t ZairaHis sister fired her and her nephew with an emotional message on the network that upset us.

After a holiday in Buenos Aires with her family, Wanda Nara returned to Italy with her children Mauro Icardi. Sadly about the game, Zaira devoted a nostalgic message to Instagram.

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"I always hated the letter … but now I've learned to appreciate, every time I'm sad because they go away, I know that this is because of the great love that unites us and that it is stronger and stronger"Zara said.

"It was harder today because Mali missed them too … come back soon or leave us.", wrote the host Morphine next to the postcard where you can watch Valentine, Constantine, Benedict, Francesco and Isabella.

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Take a look at the Zairo solemn ceremony with your nephews and sister Wando Nara

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