A militant who gave up a Senator from Campor gave details of abuse and stressed that a Member – 2018/12/14


Disclosure of cases of sexual harassment and abuse in various social sectors that took over the name "Argentine MeToo", he came into politics. Buenosairean senator and reference Campora in the province, Jorge "Loco" Romeroannounced on Friday his resignation of his bank after a serious allegation against him.

Your complainant Stephanie Calo He later spoke to TN and gave details of the harassment that the lawmaker in Buenos Aires hit. "He locked me in the bathroom and He told me to give him oral sex ", he revealed.

The young woman stressed that she had not published it before fear. "They always say that they are so hard that you can not get involved. Fool told them many who wanted, "I played the ball with Néstor Kirchner, I'm a friend of Máximo" ", he insisted.

Calo said that the abuse took place in 2017 during the exit of Kirchner militants. "The internal administrator invited me to eat because other guys came in and if he wanted me to take some friends, I said that, I knew him and he inspired me with confidence "he connected.

He added: "We went to a bar in Palermo, and from there we decided to dance. We crossed Loco Romero in the middle of the road. We went to a dance, and one of them said that we should go to the house to be more calm."

And in the department of Caballito, Calo said that he had an unmarried sexual relationship with one of the boys, and eventually decided to interrupt because one of her friends was still in the room with another fighter. That was it then Romero complained to them in the kitchen.


Jorge "Loco" Romero

"He told me "Now you will have oral sex with me, with him and with him" "the words of the senator from Buenos Aires, then locked her in the kitchen and brought the other young men into one. "The first one is making progress, and I told him that I did not like it. The boy respected me not, the same as the next one. They treated me as a sex worker who was in exchange," he said.

"When I step out, Crazy Romero grabbed me, put me in the bathroom, locked the door, put down his pants and, more guaranga way, he said he wanted to give him oral sex. I said no, and it opened the door to me, "said Calo, who finally managed to escape after promising to maintain relations in the future.

A few days later, a young woman received her example Miguel Angel Despo, which is responsible for the national logistics of La Cámpora, but the response it received far was expected. "They invite me to drink at Mama's Bar, I told him what happened to me and he smiled. He told me that more pibes happened to them, and this is the modus operandi of El Loca, "he said.

In his testimony, Calo condemned sympathy within the organization K and revealed it Internal protocol does not apply which was released after knowing the various cases of abuse. "You asked and told you that they know how to use it," he said.

In this sense, he ensured that the militants were the ones who led various complaints "Then they appear in the hikes, in the organizational apparatus and everything does not end. It's like saying, "We'll take you out of your duty not to make quilombo girls anymore."

"When the average sanction of abortion was granted, I saw a lot of people in the cat. I saw one of the logistics that the partner was cracked, I saw it quietly there. In addition, this boy from the drug sales organization was excluded, even for that , which he did to companions and abuse, "he said.

He even warned about National Deputy Front to win. "He even said" to give you the basic unit, you have to suck me … "This is someone you and I pay with our taxes. Pretty quilombero. It's the first to mourn the shooting of popper spray, first to give up repression , but we forgot that the pibas "is closed.


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