A key week for Macri and not just for a real visit


The government needs the air against the greatest concern it surrounds today: the dollar. In the election campaign, dialectically and practically, it can not be promoted if there are no disappearances of those daily arrivals and departures of the currency, which in some cases are not at all connected with the country, as was the case in the previous Friday, where the whole world has withdrawn before dollar.

As you know, these movements can affect the whole world, but if they are regarded as cold in other latitudes, they do it here as pneumonia. This is our biggest disease, which has not stopped in recent years.

That is why Macri must have good news that the economy is in place and that it will come right now, not in six months, when it will be certain (there are serious indicators that indicate this), but are coming too late.

For example, there was an incentive yesterday from Chile. Energy Minister Susana Jiménez has warned that she is convinced that after 2021 the export of Argentine gas to her country will take place throughout the year and that the contracts have been signed to become operational from September 2019. These exports will generate revenues of US $ 30 . Thousands of millions, but not now. Macri does not need much to calm his mind to his government and market. As we are today in Charlas de Quinch, with which an on-site box is liquidated in due time approximately $ 13,000 million to be used to pay for inputs, costs, taxes and guarantees of the IMF and its payment, there should be enough rainbows to calm anxiety . The problem is that, although all this is certain, the market and the state will wait for this to happen before they make decisions.


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