A gloves dealer in a critical condition after being shot by two motorcycles


The victim is an advanced student of architecture. He is 27 years old and wanted to avoid theft while waiting for the delivery of ice cream

"It failed to place an order, a kilogram of ice cream, and its life changed in a second," said María, a 25-year-old girl who accompanied and assisted a young dispatcher from the Gloves application, who was shot yesterday by two motorcycles boarded La Loma and fled, without ever having stolen anything. . "It's resistant," said the girl. The injured was operated and remains in a critical condition at the San Martín Hospital. There are no known attackers at this time, although researchers do not rule out links to other similar episodes (see separately).

Did this attack appear on a long list, which seems like a modality, so that more than 100 Glovo workers and other similar applications, Orders Ya, have reduced 12 and 53 in the afternoon in order to protest the type of crimes that have suffered some time ago (see separately).

The one who left the 27-year-old on the verge of death took place in the first minutes yesterday before the building 16 between 42 and 43, where Kevin Alex Sanhuez, a five-year-old student of architecture, came to his wheel and an indispensable yellow backpack to get a kilogram of ice cream.

While waiting for him to attend, they were disturbed by the engine that gave him a gun to force him to receive money. "Nobody wanted them and they shot him," said Maria, a neighbor of the block. Without mentioning theft and obviously without the witness he saw, criminals escaped from Sanhueza, lying on the street, shooting at the chest.

"It was 0.10, and in my apartment, when I heard the flask, I went out and saw a boy lying on the sidewalk with a wound in his chest," Maria recalled, wrapping her wound in her hand to prevented her from bleeding, while other neighbors were added to the scene.

Kevin contacted his colleague from his mobile phone to tell him what happened and ask for help. He succeeded in saying, "I just shot". A minute later, several messengers arrived from the application.

Sanhueza is from Neuquén and lives in a university hostel. His mother, Alejandro Varel, went to La Plata as soon as she heard the terrible news. "My son works are alive," he stressed, before asking "to find the culprit and not letting it go" because "we have no right. There are so many abusers in the streets and nothing to do."

Maria recalled that Kevin was "lucid" even though "he fell asleep for a moment and his legs became abnormal. So we moved them and talked to him to keep him until the salvador arrived for half an hour. "

Police quickly arrived after the girl: "They shattered the shirt to see if there were more wounds, but there was only one," he explained, "right in his chest, and he also injured his nose."

Official newspapers have been provided by this newspaper for criminals to use caliber 22.

Kevin worked at the clinic, as the missile "entered the chest and threatened the stomach, as it is a critical condition", according to a medical report.

The case is being investigated by the DDI and the fourth police station following the instruction of UFI 9 Ignored authors. The first steps that were taken were to travel to the area where witnesses and security cameras were searched for recording thieves passage.

"My son works works, let them find them guilty, and he does not leave them because we have no right"

Alejandra Varela Mother of the victim


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