A gentle video of Jorge Rial with his grandson: words of love and a lot of pampering


The driver shared some beautiful images in which he was in love Francesco, children Brineta in Facundo Ambrosioni.

A video of Jorge Rial with his granddaughter

"Our grandson in my hands is the most beautiful thing that happened to me in the world," he said. Jorge Rial (57) in the networks, a few weeks after the birth of Francesco, the first child of his daughter Brineta (20) and Facundo Ambrosioni (19)

In love with his first grandson, the driver acknowledged that conversations with his grandchildren were normal: "At some point I contacted my eyes." At some point, we connected, he gazed into my eyes and talked with him. He looked at me and when I finished, he closed his eyes, the boy understood everything, he knew everything, "said Rial, enthusiastic, Intruders.

Now the leader has shared in Instagram Stories some images that reveal a special bond where Francesco has his legs while speaking to him and gently grinning at him.

Look at the pictures of the competition Jorge Rial with your grandchild!

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