A famous pizzer hires Shaquille O'Neal to save the company


Advertising is a perfect weapon for promoting any event or product. In some cases, it all depends on who the image of the promotion is and what it wants to mediate, because they are sometimes just messages or are being sold, and in others the company strives to restore its identity and name.

This is true for Father's Johns. The pizza chain said on Friday that the Hall is a glorious member NBA, Shaquille O & # 39; Neal, be his new image and appear in television advertisements to promote it in other ways. The company expects O & # 39; Neal can rebuild his image and revive his sales after the company's founder and homosexual, John Schnatter, made racial and non-sensitive comments.

In addition to being a speaker, O & # 39; Neal He will also join the board of directors and invest in nine of his Atlanta restaurants. "If you want to enjoy a great pizza and feel loved pizza people, you can now return home," said O'Neal in an interview with Associated Press. "Pap est aqui".

Recall that there are problems in Father John They started in 2017 when Schnatter criticized the NFL leadership and blamed the protests of footballers for each sale of the pizza. Last year it was revealed that you used racial insults in media training. Schnatter apologized for the insult. The largest shareholder of the company is based in Louisville, Kentucky.

O'Neal said that Schnatter's comments were not acceptable and that he told business directors that he needed more diversity in his leadership. The former NBA is the first African American to join the board Father John

"We want to create a culture so that everyone will know that they are loved, accepted and loved," said O'Neal. Papa John & # 39; s International Inc. said that O & M Neal would pay more than $ 8 million in cash and company shares for a three-year agreement.


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