A dangerous scam on WhatsApp about changes in 2019 that ruins your mobile phone


There was a new and dangerous scam Whatsapp Scam consists of receiving a message with a bid to download a new version of a messaging system called "gold".

However, malware (malicious software) is responsible for interrupting the cell phone and stealing all private data.

Two years ago, several users of the application confirmed that the WhatsApp chain offered some time to download the latest update. At that time, many agreed to this false advertisement and instead of getting new tools, their mobile phones were completely destroyed.

Although the scam in 2016 caused a big warning, the truth is There are people who find themselves in a fake transfer of WhatsApp Gold, which has happened in recent hours with several users who have returned to condemn.

For this reason, in order to save poor conditions, it is recommended Do not click links to strange pages or install unknown apps promising updates that are not true later.

Mobile phones | Photo: AP

For this year 2019

In recent hours, WhatsApp has officially announced that this application will be in 2019 include advertising. The good thing is that forecasts will not be in talks, but in countries. Although the application will have a free application, the messaging service will negotiate with US companies to make it even more profitable.

Another novelty to come this year is related to the possibility of inclusion "dark mode", where the application can be used with less light and black or blue backgrounds so as not to tear the view Twitter already offers.

On the other hand, it turned out that the application can be a new security tool: a System of fingerprints for entry into the system, which can also serve to carry out monetary transactions.

Finally, although Facebook has not confirmed it, it is expected that, as happened to Youtube videos, From this year, you can play all MP4 footage in a floating window without having to leave WhatsApp.


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