A "commercial" aircraft that will fly at twice the speed of sound


Initial Boom Supersonic is currently working on a prototype of a passenger plane that would break the sound barrier Passengers from London to New York could be taken in just 3.5 hours, about half the time needed.

If its 55 seats are approved, the first passengers will be able to travel at supersonic speeds all over the world by 2023.

A company based in Colorado has on its list of investors Laurene Powell Jobs, a widow CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs.

"This new investment allows us to make progress in Overture, the first economically viable supersonic aircraftsaid Blake Scholl, founder of Boom.

Rates from The Uverture will be similar to those in the executive class, spreading horizons for tens of millions of passengers.

"Finally, Our goal is to make it accessible to fast flights for everyone, "added Scholl.

"With 55 seats and seating costs– Similar to the subsonic business class, the supersonic flight is practiced on hundreds of routes across sea routes, making it a new norm for anyone traveling in a business class, "they said in the company.

Boom is currently mounting the XB-1, the prototype scale of his Mach-2.2 passenger plane. XB-1 will pilot the Bill's "Bill" Doc & # 39; and this year he's supposed to fly.

Future customers include Virgin Group and Japan Airlines A total of 30 aircraft were prescribed.

Three-engine airplanes are at least 30 times quieter than Concorde.

When landing and taking off, the company says thatThe Uverture will be quiet as subwoofers today they fly similar routes. "

Scholl said earlier that he believed that on 500 lines that spread across the globe and connected hundreds of cities, he could use up to 2,000 Boom Supersonic aircraft.

He spoke at Farnborough Airport, Scholl said The Independent: "We are focused on promoting long overseas trips."


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