A Christmas novel that is already available on WhatsApp


December 14, 2018

An instant messaging application has provided an interesting option for users in conversations.

Christmas time has already come and is reflected in different places around the world and WhatsApp this will not be an exception at the end of the year.

The instant messaging application is ready and ready for use with the news Christmas, so millions of users around the world can use it in their conversations.

A change that already works on WhatsApp and which it certainly did not notice

It's new stickers with Christmas motifs available for download for users Android e iOS.

If you still do not see them among the potential ones you can choose, the only thing you need to do is go to the "+" icon inside the circle in the label section. After you have to find the package "Happy and bright"And the process will be perfect.

In 2009, WhatsApp Inc. founded the company Jan Koum by creating an intelligent agenda that has enabled interaction between contacts.

He mutated the application with time, he bought it Facebook February 2014 in exchange for $ 19 billion and is estimated to have 1.5 billion active users currently using their services to send their messages each day.

Audi in the chain without hands
Undoubtedly, one of the main features that has come to WhatsApp lately is the new way to play sounds in conversations.

That is, from now on, when two or more consecutive sounds come into your account, they can be automatically played in a chain without the need for a click.

WhatsApp will play a sound that will act as an alert to notify you that the end of the next one will end during the audio playback.

The company explained through the official blog: "If you receive two or more voice messages and start playing the first one, WhatsApp will automatically play all the other consecutive voice messages that have been received! At the end of WhatsApp's voice message, a sound is displayed indicating that the voice message is finished, and the next voice message is automatically played automatically after that, no action is needed by you. The function is already enabled, enjoy it! ".


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