4 changes that come in 2019


From cryptographic to arrival of in-app ads.

WhatsApp In 2019 we will have more innovations: some people who will like their users and others, not so much. What will they do?

The most commonly used social network around the world, – 1,500 million people of chips – on both Android and iOS systems are planning changes in the web chat structure.

First, WhatsApp will begin to have ads like on Facebook. They will also appear only in contacts and not in conversations

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In addition, you can view all the videos from a floating window that has started circling in the last days. This would start with all the tracks, with MP4 format. You can also preview GIFs and photos.

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At the same time, the app will add a darker way than it does Twitterto store the brightness of the cell and thus the battery of the device.

After all, it is considered that the company operates on its own crypto-transfer, through which it can be downloaded from the application.

Source: Mundo TKM


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