Thursday , August 5 2021

37 articles in the bookshop were included in the Care Prices program

This Friday's Secretariat for Internal Trade 37 articles were included in the Pricing Program Parents can lower costs for the start of the school year. As announced by the agency, within school supplies include pencils, pens and illuminatorsamong others.

"These new opportunities reinforce the choice of options for a program that ensures its presence in Gndola at prices lower than the market average," the agency said, which also showed that The official plan includes the chain of supermarkets Diarco and Vital which occurred during the previous government.

Within the 575 product of the program, which is now included 37 school supplies such as pens, black pencils, lighting and erasers from leading brands such as BIC and Pelican.

The National Consumer Protection Director, Fernando Blanco Muio, said that taking into account "seasonal time for the consumer", it was decided to include products from the bookshops at a lower price than the one offered on the market. "

"We want to work with families at the beginning of classes and. T We have seen the availability of tile prices with care", continued the official.

The secretariat announced that the chains of wholesale supermarkets Diarco and Vital were added to the Macro, Maxiconsumo, Nini and Yaguar, which has already joined last September, with the availability of 212 products in their gondolas.

On the other hand, the entity approved an update of the value of 45 products from the current list with an average of 3.74% of the increase, although it pointed out that "in all cases, prices are kept below the average in each item"

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