12 questions to the famous: Mario Pergolini talks about the war of the former "CQC", points to his public struggles and says he will not vote for Marcelo Tinelli


Although Mario Pergolini's name has been removed from television, it is a reference – over his career – because he was a newspaper business worker first bet on digital media in Argentina, which envisages a time in which classics are losing the power of the past. The personal style creator marked the time on the radio at the height of Rock & Pop Daniel Grinbank z What is it? and changed the mode of operation of the radio that was leading in the style of FM that came later.

1 Have you ever missed "CQC"?

No, but I usually do not miss anything I did, much less work.

2 Who were the three best notes "CQC"?

Juan Di Nataleat the time he was a driver and a notary; Andy Kusnetzoffin the first phase (America and El Trece); in Gonzalitobecause he created his own departments.

3 Finally, how many of those who created "CQC" have become millionaires?

-Not for CQC. The significance or success of what everyone has done can not be measured only by the money he has reported.

4 Do you want to reconcile with Eduardo de la Puente?

– I wish I would not be far from anyone, but this is a little impossible in life. I'd better remember that everything was amazing then!

5 Name the five guides or radio guides you like.

-Larrea, Lalo Mir, Jonatan Viale, Martín Garabal next to Migue Granados and Daniel Jimenez (Enjoy the charlatan).

6 How did you manage to keep your family apart from the insanity of the press?

We tried to raise our children the importance of own achievements and independence, the creation of one's own path. This enables us to understand that fame is or be known vanity, which usually brings more problems than solutions.

7 What would be even worse for you: that your child was a fan of the river or that they wanted to participate in a "dance" for a dream?

– No doubt from the river. The Dance there would be no problem, nobody knows to see him.

8 Which policy is more credible since & # 83; to here?

I should say without hesitation Alfonsin, but I do not believe in any policy.

9 Are you doing homework?

– More, I cook (almost every day), I clean, I buy. I fix things like electricity, carpentry, washing machines. Everything is shared, always.

10 Why do not you have WhatsApp?

I do not need to be in touch with anyone this way. I do not like eternal conversations that do not end. Get stupid videos, etc. I am also trying to ensure that people who work with me do not use WhatsApp to work, because work hours and WhatsApp are constantly violating them.

11 What glory did you fight and never get upset?

12- What has changed in your life that you are a father of a girl?

I sometimes dance I'm working in fashion shops or looking at artistic magnetization. Having children, men or women is a very crazy way.

– How famous would you be a friend and not?

What do you think after death?

– Nothing … completely nothing …

– How do you see yourself in ten years?

I hope so from public life, but still linked to the media.

– If you had to choose an international heart for the night of sin to choose?

Benjamin Vicuña … I understand that the question is to find someone who will go on a tour, but not "sin" with him …

– Which international woman would you choose for the night of passion? Pure fantasy.

– Famous teenagers are blocked in networks?

I only have Instagram and I never noticed who is accompanying meand comments are very rare. I also do not follow anyone.

– How many years of real life do you have open television?

– I can not know, someone will always watch an open TV. It's already very difficult for a generation to understand what a channel is like 2 or 11. For them, it's an even network that offers less time each time, and it's very uncomfortable at certain times. Today, the world has an average of 62 years in the world.

– Would you vote for Tinelli, if he is a candidate?

– No, because it's not enough to know me.

– If I made a television, which program would I do?

Something for very large people… I do not know what.

– You made an informative show on Instagram last year. Was that good?

– I did this this year, now I'm driving Lalo Mir. More than 600,000 people see each show (without reproductions). Weekly has more than three million users Filo.news is the medium that has risen the most in Latin America. It's crazy to ask if "I was" (in the past) because in the audience of 18-45 years who do not read the news, the most watched news is over any news and not to mention the news channel. Filo.news It turned out that you need to use an application where people are not and do not create their own applications, as nobody downloads or uses them. We will soon extend the programming and Google has rewarded us by being part of Google's initiative. No questions the news is a new world, media and audience. It's not dot comNor is it a channel. A large audience is in other parts, each group being informed in its field.


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