"Widows" is the ultimate Heist film in 2018 Art


Viola Davis and Cynthia Erivo play "widows" (2018).

A genre is often one that is defined by the fulfillment of wishes. Films such as "Now You See Me", "Beginning" and "Ocean's 11" helped to set the standard for a modern tape: too charismatic, more smart than you can hope for protagonists to anchor riding with heavy exciting exciting pleasures, humor and persistently adventurous tone. It seems that one of the main goals of director Steve McQueen with "widows" is to deconstruct the heist film, from the expected narrative conventions to the degree of social importance that such films can retain.

The film's initial premise can be sold and attracted: it sees widows of four high-quality burglars who had to end their husband's finished job after being murdered in action. But in the development of the title widow, the film really shines. Viola Davis plays the stars as Veronica Rawlins, a widow who has come to terms with making her husband's five million dollars and becomes the de facto head of a group of women who are trying to, As often happens, Davis brings a mess, tinted: professionally reveals pain a woman who is financially and emotionally threatened by her husband's loss, and an unimaginable payment for the implementation of her late partner's plans. And this will not emphasize the work of other leading women, including the standing, yet still intertwined performance of Michele Rodriguez as Linda Perelli, and a realistic look at the torn femininity through Alice Gunner Elizabeth Debicky. The first-class work of all the star films enriches the film from the very beginning.

"Widows" are not just a heist movie – this is a heist movie, which is clearly expressed for today's audience. Although this statement may seem obvious, there is still a significant difference. "Widows" have the light of the problems currently facing American citizens: racial tension, police brutality and sexism are subtly accentuated and professionally displayed. McQueen does not want to afford the refugee fantasies promoted by the previous theater heist. The Franchise "Oceana" is perhaps the most negligible example that gave it to all women this year. "Ocean's 8", featuring Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett and Anne Hathaway, opened a large box office in June last year (nearly $ 300 million worldwide), but focused on critique critics, many of which criticize the lack of proportion, failed tone and generally unrealistic narrative. "Widows," although they came in the same year, act as some kind of reactionary piece: McQueen adds a deeper depth to his film by presenting him as the most important character study, and secondly, the heist thriller.

McQueen's original directing effort also raises an image effortlessly to capture a clip after a shot that increases other world scenes. One such case appears after Jack Mulligan (Colin Farrell), a dark local politics on the heist's target, campaigning angrily at his secretary, after rescuing the reporter during his stay in a low-income community. When he is constantly scared of a journalist and neighborhood states, while returning home, McQueen decided not to show the actual conversation. Instead, McQueen takes its shot outside the car and focuses on the neighborhood concerned, with the slow, consistent shooting of the district and gradual gentrification as they arrive at Mulligan House. This transgressive directing choice immediately offers two ways of interpreting the scene: the current conversation and the neighborhood, as it actually exists.

The variety of films and film tricks are similarly maintained by the consistent engagement of the audience. The script written by McQueen and Gone Girl writer, writer Gillian Flynn, is ruthless in his efforts to break the audience's expectations. Movie marketing, for example, allows viewers to take up four widows in the workplace to make Davis, Rodriguez, Debicky and Cynthia Erivo the best actor of the films. It's clear early that this is the first film of subversion, and the fourth widow is played by Carrie Coon. The sign of Eriva Belle is actually a single person who worked as a nanny to Linda's children and is not a titular widow. So, what is the role of the fourth widow? And how does Erie fit into a wider narrative? You should check the movie to find out.

"Widows" of Steve McQueen are invading in all the best ways. The arbitrator denounces the escapist imaginations he expected from heist films. It rejects the viewers of their prejudices for their film, especially with different turns. Basically, he rejects the fact that there is a conventional way for Heist films, so that he creates a new one entirely. With strong performance, innovative guidance and turbulent social commentary, "widows" are ranked as the final heist film in 2018.


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