Tyrannosaurus rex found in Canada is the world's largest


The towering tyrannosaurus rex discovered in western Canada in 1991 is the world's largest, and a team of paleontologists said Friday, following a decades-long process of reconstructing its skeleton.

Nicknamed Scotty for a celebratory bottle of scotch consumed the night it was discovered, T. rex was 13 meters long and probably weighed more than 8,800 kilos (19,400 pounds), making it bigger than all other carnivorous dinosaurs, the team from the University of Alberta said.

"This is the rex of rexes," said Scott Persons, a lead author of the study and a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Biological Sciences.

"There are significant variability among tyrannosaurus, some individuals were lanky than others and some were more robust." Scotty exemplifies the robust, "People said.


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