Trevor Noah asks fans to make sure Daily Show is live [video]


Trevor Noah asked the viewers Daily broadcast to help keep air in the air, as it faces an uncertain future in American television.

US satellite service, DirecTV plans to take 23 Viacom channels from its bouquet, including Comedy Central. With this move, millions of viewers from the US could lose access to a favorite show.

Other channels affected by the shutdown are BET, MTV, Nickelodeon and VH1.

In response, Viacom attracted the help of some of the biggest stars across the channel, including Noah, who on Twitter asked TV viewers on Twitter to "take action" by calling DirecTV and demanding that channels be fed in the air.

"AT & T-DirecTV can leave Comedy Central and up to 22 other Viacom channels. They will stop accessing all new episodes of your favorite shows. So, take action. Call AT & T-DirecTV and let them know you want Comedy Central so you can watch the Daily Show. «

Trevor Noah

Watch: Trevor Noah asks fans to save the Daily Show in the video below

Viacom and AT & T – a telecommunication company owned by DirecTV – are currently discussing, with the former competitor struggling to avoid power failure.

Reports indicate that an agreement to be concluded by midnight on Saturday has not yet been reached.

The message on the Viacoma website assures viewers that they seek to reach an agreement.


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