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Tips, tricks and strategies – Apex Legends Wiki Guide

Apex Legends is a game based on Battle Royale and takes place in the Titanfall Universe. The third teams will fall into King's Canyon to try to become the last team. In order to help you achieve this victory and become a champion, we have put together these tips and strategies.

IGN's tips and tricks Apex Legends are divided into three groups. Click or tap the links below to jump to different sections:

We will add more tips and strategies to this page, as we will have more time with Apex Legends! During this time, please let us know your tips in the comments or add them to the page by signing in.

This section of tips is designed to help you get started and advanced players who understand some of the nianised strategies and features in Apex Legends.

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Apex Legends has a well-known landing and launching system for Battle Royale games, but its shades are definitely important.

You do not have to run a drop[[[[edit]

The flight manager is always assigned to a third person who chooses a legend. If you are a flight manager and do not want to take responsibility, you can avoid the situation by pressing the call button during the countdown right after the character selection screen.

Think about landing far away[[[[edit]

If you do not agree with the RIGHT right in action, try to stay on the drop ship for longer and land on the edge of the map. You will probably just land near one or two other teams, and you may have more time to see a prey so you really know what they are doing.

Supply Ship[[[[edit]

When dropping into King's Canyon, you will notice the ship's supply icon on the map. This icon represents the final destination of the ship's ship, so if you have correctly set off the route, you can reach the top of the ship's supply. High levels of prey are guaranteed for these ships, so be prepared for a hot fight. Because in Apex Legends there is no damage due to a fall, you can grab high weapons and jump right onto the boat.

Do not forget that other players can also land on a supply ship! There is a high probability that your group will have to face others who will land on a supply ship. If things get too hot, it's best to jump onto the boat.

Separate when descending[[[[edit]

You will want to stay close to the teammates when they land, but not too close. If you land in an area with some buildings, try to move a little toward other buildings so that your team will not fight for the same prey. Ammunition is particularly insufficient, so weapons of different types are also useful.

Listen and learn Ping[[[[edit]

Legends also make large suits. If someone sees an enemy (but does not ping), their character will still be called, especially if they shoot! But be sure to learn how to ping.

The Ping system is extremely useful for communicating information to your team without actually communicating through the microphone. You can quickly ping the prey for your team, point out the enemy on the battlefield, refuse the action, and even suggest that you will prey a specific area.

You can also "call" items that are pinged by other people (just pinging an item marked by another person). You can cancel all pings by scanning this site again.

Do not forget the most important ping: Double-tap anywhere to mark the enemy.

Keep Eye Out for Supply Bins[[[[edit]

Hidden randomly around King's Canyon, players will have the opportunity to find Supply Bins. These large white cylinders, such as containers, often contain many highly sought-after items such as weapons, attachments, ammunition and even armor.

It's important to know that you are not the only one looking for these very desirable baskets. So, if it happens that you find a supply container, pay attention to the surroundings for all nearby teams.

And keep your eyes for prey ticks[[[[edit]

Do you know those Apex Boxes that you open for booty? You can also find them in King's Canyon! If you find one of the Loot Ticks (like hiding in the corners, emitting color light and creating a special noise), give lovely things a good punch for booty.

Slowly, no rush[[[[edit]

Unlike other games of the royal battle, Apex Legends has a much slower style of play, especially during the initial minutes.

Respawn Entertainment has clearly shown that due to the small number of players on the map, the typical early Battle of the Royal for weapons and equipment is not necessarily focused, as they do not want players to pick up and use any old weapon.

Instead, players would rather spend their time building a decent weapon and tools tool, while ensuring that nearby areas are properly scout for booty.

When this comes to your mind, your thoughtful inventory will undoubtedly help your team much better than the entire inventory of items that you originally collected from the first building you entered.

Learn the colors of the item[[[[edit]

One of the things that will help you move faster through buildings is learning colors for rarity and ammunition. When you pick up the weapons you like, you just want to pick up the appropriate ammunition. You will also want to give preference to attracting major rare attachments. Here's a quick color guide:

Elements color:

  • Often = gray
  • Rare = blue
  • Epic = Purple
  • Legendary = Gold / Yellow (this can be found in care packages and rarely Lifeline packages)

Ammunition colors:

  • Light circles = light brown / orange
  • Shells for firearms = burgundy / red
  • Heavy Rounds = Teal / Blue
  • Energy ammunition = Lime Green

Move faster with Holstring weapons[[[[edit]

Weapons management is a great practice, because you never know when you will need it.

However, when you try to escape from this circle, which is always shrinking or quickly escaping the battle, it is always important to remember that the fence of your weapon will provide a nice little increase in speed that could save your life.

To dress weapons, hold the triangle on PS4, Y on Xbox One, or press 3 on your computer.

Reinstall your Glide[[[[edit]

There are red hot air balloons connected by a zip line scattered across the map. If you go to one of these balloons, your legend will increase the zip line and allow you to move your slider again, which allows you to quickly move around the map.

This is especially useful for escaping from the ring!

Fall Damage does not exist[[[[edit]

Thanks to Battle Royale, many of you will fine-tune your skills in a dangerous field. As we are facing, there is no worse feeling than inadvertent loss of support and damage due to fall.

Fortunately, this does not apply to the Apex Legends, because you are safely landing from high altitudes on the ground without even scratching.

Despite the seemingly small impact, players can now use this feature as a tactical advantage when they attack the opponent's enemies below.

Managing inventory is crucial[[[[edit]

Like other battles of royale games, backpacks play a big role in your survival in Apex Legends, allowing you to carry more extra items.

With a limited space in the initial inventory, it is essential that you use the space carefully with the replacement of weapons of lower quality – the color frame system indicates this. Apex also prevents you from collecting an attachment, which is a smaller version of what you already have. He will make a buzzer noise and force you to hold the button to change the better attachment to a smaller one.

The general rule that you often play is that if you are not looking for specific weapons, cleaning the inventory of all useless weapons upgrades is always a good idea, as you never know when you will need extra space. You will also want to leave unnecessary ammunition. If you do not plan to pick up energy weapons, pull out this energy munition!

Know Your Legend[[[[edit]

This may seem obvious, but it's incredibly important! In Apex Legends, your character is known as a legend. Every legend it has passive, tactical abilities and end capabilities. There can be no duplicate legends on the team, so take the time to learn Legenda's ability to create a team with good synergy.

Do not fight until you lock yourself in[[[[edit]

This also applies to other games in the battle and is still just as important in Apex Legends. It is imperative that you fill up bulletproof vests before re-fighting. If you find yourself in the shooting before you grab the armor, try to let your colleagues with armor be on the front line or try to escape together.

Learn how to escape from a bad state[[[[edit]

If you are playing "alone" (also with random people), try to get to the sign that you are very happy with or who can easily escape from a bad position. For example, Pathfinder's tackle can help you open a zipper from a hot spot or increase the display to help your classmates. Bangalore can achieve a similar goal, even though its kit is more suitable for an aggressive game.

Use your skills wisely[[[[edit]

Although it is possible to use the capabilities of your Legend, it's important to learn how to make the most of them in combat – especially when it comes to using your Ultimate.

If you use your skills at unsuitable times or during unnecessary meetings, you can become vulnerable without access to key attack components. This is often one of the main reasons for the failure of many players.

For this reason, always ensure that your Ultimate capabilities are ready for these inappropriate enemy attacks. Do not be too precious about your tactical skills. For example, if you play Lifeline, use her D.O.C Heal Drone during interventions to treat yourself and your teammates when you have the opportunity to catch your breath, instead of wasting precious syringes and health kits.

Some weapons have alternative firearms[[[[edit]

Have you ever looked at the user's user tool and noticed that on the left side of the button indicator? Most do not have them, but if you saw it on one of the three weapons, this means that it has an alternative shooting method. The shooting mode can be switched between single and car.

The following weapons have a single and automatic shooting method:

We will add even more weapons to the list than we will find.

He's wearing a rifle[[[[edit]

There is a high probability that you will find yourself in close cooperation with another team, and when you are in this situation, you really want a rifle. In this case SMGs can be excellent, but if your accuracy is not always the best, the rifles have enough opening to work well in tight shooting.

Make sure your other weapons have a decent area so you can contribute to those medium and long shoots.

Use Jump Towers, hot zones and populated areas to your advantage[[[[edit]

If you plan to win, you will have to learn to use the key areas of Kings Canyon to your advantage.

Most key areas – Jump Towers, Hot Zones and Respawn Beacons – are essential aspects of the gameplay and are often occupied by players.

Regardless of whether you use Jump Towers to avoid sticky situations, search for hot zones for rare items, or just try to return fallen players through Respawn Beacons, most players go to these locations for a certain reason.

As a result, many often forget to properly check their surroundings.

Renewing banners for team members[[[[edit]

When a player is excluded from the fight, this does not mean that they are out of the game. Apex Legends introduces a unique restore system in which you have 90 seconds to reach the container for the winning team and grab the flag.

Then you can take this banner to one of the many respawn centers on the map to call your partner back to the battle. On the map are marked with green ships.

The missed ship will bring the revived Legend to the center of the respawn but they do not have a prey. If there is no prey, you may want to offer one of your teammates some of your equipment. Keep in mind that any reuse center can only use any group at a time.

Numbers of damage[[[[edit]

Each legend has a total of 100 KM. There are four segments of armor health that correspond to 25 HP per segment. This means that it can be no more than 200 KM. When you hit the player, the color damage will appear. If you hit a purple number, this means that the enemy was wearing level 3 armor.

The blue numbers represent 2nd level armor, and the white number is Level 1 armor. Headshots will be presented with yellow injuries and if you hit the red numbers, this means that the player has no arm, so be aggressive.

Color Enemy Boxes[[[[edit]

Similar to other Royales, fallen players will drop their prey into the box when they are killed. However, in the Apex Legends, there will be game boxes of different colors that distinguish the highest level of ruthlessness that the defeated Legend has had.

You can stop the enemy[[[[edit]

If you see a friend who is destroyed and his killer has ended, you can stop the attack by firing – or even hitting! – aggressor. Each finisher needs a few seconds to execute it, so it must be stopped.

Earn extra XP by killing the champion[[[[edit]

So far, you've probably noticed that at the beginning of each competition, one player is shown as a champion – this is often rewarded for those who have ranked high in the previous game.

If you manage to kill a champion during a match, you will earn a nice 500 XP bonus that you can use to buy cosmetics in the store.

Purchase of leather with metals[[[[edit]

It's painful to look at the same factory skins, but you do not want to spend your well-earned money? Well, you'll be happy to know that you can buy unique skins and weapons by playing the game.

With the title in the Legends / Armory menu, you can buy unique skin with Crafting Metals. For more information on this currency in the game, see our Crafting Metals manual here.

Some developers for Apex Legends have given their tips for playing Apex Legends on social media. Here are some useful developer tips we found:

From Respawn Response Designer Carlos Pineda:

  • You can climb to higher areas by jumping and pushing forward. This is not covered in the tutorial, but it is essential! [1]
  • Get this door! You can hit and destroy the door in time to destroy them! Also blow them up with grenades![2]
  • Fun Fact: All characters are moving at the same speed. It seems as if some characters move more slowly because they have a higher camera height and slower animation of the hands [3]
  • When you have a good handle for all diapers, you can turn on COMPACT LOOT PROMPTS for a more streamlined HUD! This is in the Settings menu [4]

From Respawn Senior Designer Sean Slayback:

  • The distinguishing signs in EVERYTHING (Optical) will always be accurate for the gun you are using. See how mil dots transform into real-time when you're targeting far up or down. Use the distance gauge and align the right marker to mark those distances. [5]

Software Engineer Respawn Justin Cook:

  • Long range extensions increase the amount you can see to show trackers for tracking Bloodhound [6]

From Respawn designer Chad Armstrong:

  • Helmets reduce damage to the head, and the level of reduction increases with the level of equipment:
    • White: 30% reduction
    • Blue: 40% reduction
    • Purple / Gold: 50% reduction

Unlike shields, helmets never break and never need to be restored with consumables! To clarify, the damage due to bonuses is reduced, not the total damage. [7]

  • Gold equipment has the same statistics as Purple, but with a bonus prize:
    • Helada – faster tactical and ultimate
    • Armor – Refill the shields after the execution
    • Backpack – Consumables for Health and Shield consumes half the time to use KO Shield – One-Time Self Revive [8]
  • Gold weapons have unique properties, just like the equipment!
    • Headset – Flash hider (Reduces flash)
    • Scope – vision of threat (illuminates enemies, even smoke / gas)
    • No stock of gold or magazines. [9]
  • [More] about the golden weapon! "Fully equipped" pistols are usually weapons with pre-installed attachments. The Kramer and the Mastiff are what they could call the power of the weapon. They come with the final amount of ammunition and extra ammunition can not be obtained for them. [10]

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