Last year, Kevin Hart's biggest mistake was given to the world when his wild weekend in Las Vegas caused a sex tape that led him to his friend Jonathan Jackson. The guilty party, who allegedly tried to force Kevin to pay a large sum of money, was charged with two charges for a crime, but now TMZ reports that Jonathan does not think he has done anything wrong because he had just known sexual relationship. tape. "

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

The publication describes in detail how Kevin's former friend denies any violation and says he did not come in contact with Kevin in a terrible way. Jonathan said that someone called him who said he was a Hollywood tape broker and wanted to pay him $ 10,000. Jonathan initially said that he had refused, then he negotiated for a higher price, which eventually fell. Jonathan thinks Kevin was the one who tried to buy a tape from him, and when the deal failed, he cried out extortion to see himself as a victim.

Jonathan wants his personal electronic data to be thrown out of the criminal case and believes that "facts" were made to appear as a suspect. The case is still ongoing.