The first black hole icon shows a great message of cosmology


black hole

An astronomer from the Research Institute Guillermo Gonzalez identified two important points on the exciting first picture of the black hole in Event Horizon Telescope (EHT). Today he writes in Stream. First, regardless of CNN and other media, the image from the M87 galaxy is not really a black hole image. You can not take a black hole:

Is not it possible to record a black hole? The black hole is, well, black! A black hole is defined as an object from which even light can not escape. The image produced by the EHT group is in fact not a black hole image, although it seems that the "black hole" is at the center of a bright disc. It seems to be a kind of shadow or silhouette created by a black hole and material that revolves around it.

Strange things are going on near the black hole. The black hole does not actually have an area, but the boundaries that astronomers call the "horizon event". The radius of the horizon of events is called the Schwarzschild radius. This is what is meant when the astronomer talks about the size of the black hole. If you lower the lamp towards the black hole and slides in the horizon of events, no one will ever see the light from the lamp again.

In fact, we do not see the horizon of events in the picture. The paths of the light rays are strongly hidden near the black hole. The light rays that come from us as a black hole, just before the Schwarzschild radius, go into a black hole. For this reason, the image of a black hole on the bright background will appear larger than you could expect from its mass (and therefore also the Schwarzschild radius). It is assumed that the radius of the shadow of the dark hole in the picture will be 2.6 times larger than the Schwarzschild radius.

Much more deeply, dr. Gonzalez comments on the consequences of the image of great importance in the center of today's cosmology:

EHT images of the proximity to the horizon of the black hole events in the M87 allow new tests of the general theory of relativity with a strong gravitational regime. New data is actually confirmed by the predictions of general relativity. This follows the impressive first direct detection of gravitational waves in 2015, done by the century when Einstein announced their existence. General relativity is the foundation of modern cosmology and, in particular, the theory of the Great Depression. Big Bang strongly means the beginning of material universe and non-material cause.

The "non-material cause" for the origin of the universe is a big message of the great bang. I bet you have not noticed this amazing spot in any of the other exciting news about the impressive EHT achievement. See also "Metaxas:" Media Blackout "on the" miracle of the universe. ""

Photo: Event Horizon Telescope [CC BY 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons.


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