Surprise! SonicFox is once again the biggest player in the world – Critical hit


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Each sport has one person, which can be considered as "the biggest one". Boxing is Muhammad Ali, soccer is Lionel Messi and the chances are high that Michael Phelps is actually dolphin on steroids who are tormented as a man when he's swimming in swimming. When it comes to esports, there is also no shortage of talents of the highest class.

When Umehara Daigo set up a legendary bar for the scene many years ago, he opened the talent pools to climb to the top. You have heavy circles like NuckleDu and Victor "Punk" Woodley that tear down the Street Fighter V scene, while at the moment Dragon Ball FighterZ is currently dominated by Kazunoko, G01 and, of course, Dominique "SonicFox McLean.

SonicFox is currently considered to be the best Dragon Ball FighterZ on the planet, which has provided some great victories this year. He is also The best cursed Injustice 2 players around when SonicFox won the Injustice 2 Pro Series. The legend had a tough battle, but for most of the tournaments he managed to fight with a tough competition with Joker.

This is incredibly amazing, because Joker is not exactly a top figure in competitive injustice. 2. While SonicFox would transfer to Captain Cold for his attack against Alexander "Hayatei" Dub-Bilodeau. SonicFox would eventually come to the finale, switch back to Joker and deal with EVO 2018 champion Curtis "Rewind" McCall, who decided Batman would be in full-match match to close the Book of Irregularity 2 tournaments.

The move back led the game with a 2: 0 advantage, but SonicFox returned with defeats to win the match and settled the score to 3-2. Despite the fact that before the start of the tournament, Nezavisim 2 was rejected, SonicFox commented that "I have done a lot of work with Joker in the past few months and I'm happy to show people that the sign is not as bad as it seems."

SonicFox also donated 10,000 dollars from its rewards to Rewind, as his father's opponent recently went on to stage Stage 3 cancer surgery before leaving the tournament. "I do not do this for money," said SonicFox Kotaku.

Rewind is one of my good friends, one of my training partners, and I'm very happy to share the script with him.

And that was the night, it's over. Regardless of whether Injustice 2 returns to another global tournament, SonicFox more than just cemented its space in history as not only the best player in this game, but also one of the greatest enemy players of all time.

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Last updated: November 15, 2018


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